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Monday, February 25, 2013

Blue Polish

Maybe it is just me, but I have given a timeline to most events that should happen in life. Not so much a timeline, but I have ages in which I have set for certain things to happen. Most of the ages I set for myself have been thrown out the window; thanks God for teaching me I am not in control! In regards to Heidi I have a mental list of ages on when certain things were/are supposed to happen. Things like getting her ears pierced, wearing make-up, shaving, mani/pedis, and all of those fun things. There are little "rules" I have in terms of what Heidi is allowed to wear or do when it comes to "mommy things" that Heidi wants to do.

As I have watched Heidi grow and learn and I see all of the passion and enjoyment she has for life a few of my "rules" have been thrown out the window. There was never a fight nor a battle of wills, but I have loved how Heidi responds to the things that may seem trivial to most people, but to myself and her it is such a big deal.

One set of rules was all about nail polish - color and salons. The color always had to be something very light and hardly noticeable  I wanted to wait longer, but I remember going on a trip and thinking I was going to die {which is usually how I feel when I am about to take a trip without my family} and I was determined that I would be the first one she was allowed to experience using nail polish. I get myself so worked up that someone is going to steal one of Heidi's firsts that I it upsets me to the verge of a panic attack. I know I say I am not crazy all of the time, and I am not, but I already have arguments planned out if someone steals one of the precious memories I have been looking forward to as a mom. Ok, so maybe that is a little crazy, and selfish, but I don't want to miss a single moment.

Back to the polish. The first time I painted Heidi's nails {toes and hands} was in March of 2012 right before I went to San Francisco for my fabulous girl's weekend. I used this little pale pink that you could see the color, but it was not noticeable  Heidi was super excited and we did this similar act many times. I think she might have even painted another member of our family's toes....

For Christmas John and I bought her a little set of nail polish which was glittery and "colored" but really it all seemed to go on clear and eventually would peel off throughout the day. Each morning and night for over a month Heidi would paint her finger and toe nails. It was the best gift ever for her. That was to be the extent of Heidi and her experience with nail polish. No bright colors until she reached a certain age and no salons until she was like 5 or so. The salon trip would have been for either a wedding or maybe for that magical 5th birthday. The details were not set in stone - just things I had thought about.

This week has been a little rough with being sick, stressed, and what I would like to refer to as "the last time I ever want to see these numbers on a scale - ever". I have been in desperate need for a pedicure and it was not going to happen without going somewhere to have it done. I needed the full shebang  not just a color change. I very much dislike wearing any sort of shoe that I cannot slip on without bending much less bend to paint my nails. With all of that I decided to throw in the towel on the salon idea and let Heidi go to have her nails painted as well. It was necessary if I were to have that deluxe pedicure I had been dreaming about all week.

We arrive at the place and there my little 2 and a half year old girl stood with eyes wide open at all of the color choices. I chose some maroon type color and Heidi instantly made her choice - blue. Not light blue or a muted blue, but bright electric blue. I almost hesitated, but I was so close to sitting and having a little relaxing moment that she could have chosen any color in the world and I would have been totally fine. It was also really close to lunchtime so I my hunger might have stopped me from caring too much as well.

The place had a cute little kids chair {and looking at the pictures now it is actually creepy} for Heidi and a nice mama sized one for me. I could not believe what transformed into my eyes. If any of you have seen Heidi with me {especially in strange places} you know that Heidi does not leave my side for a second. Heidi is glued to me. Well, not this time. I put Heidi in the little bear chair and then went and sat in mine and she sat there - no fighting to come to my lap. I seriously could not believe it. Then, even more amazing, she actually sat there {trying not to smile of course} and let some strange woman with a strange language touch her feet and hands. Honestly I never thought this would happen. The scene that played in my head was much more dramatic - like me leaving barefoot with only one foot having been massaged or both feet wet.

It was definitely a moment I will not forget. I hope that Heidi will always remember it too. I guess the reason I have so many "rules" is because I want Heidi to remember what it was like to do something for the first time. There are so many firsts that are important in a little girls life and I want them to be special. I liken it all to the Disney argument. Do you take them when they are really little and can experience with such an amazing innocence that cannot even be falsified or do you wait until they are older and can "truly experience" Disney? I am kind of learning that the younger they are the more they will "truly experience" things because they are not held back by caring what the world thinks.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Vicki's 40th Party

Saturday night was crazy. We had a party for my sister's 40th birthday and boy was I hurting the next day...

My cousin Julie and her daughter came to stay with us and Heidi had so much fun playing with Aislin. They hit it off right away. John and I had Kayla come over around 4PM that day because she would be watching Heidi that night. Our entire family would be at the party, the local family, and I did not have my "usuals" around to watch Heidi. John and I have never left Heidi alone with anyone that is not family. I toiled for weeks on who I was going to ask to watch Heidi and Kayla seemed like the perfect choice. Kayla was one of my dancers from last year and a few years prior - sweetest girl ever. You know I have to think highly of someone if I am going to ask them to watch the most precious thing in my life :)

All day long I kept telling Heidi how much fun she and Miss Kayla were going to have, so I think that definitely helped to prepare her for that night. Heidi is a lot like me where she needs to be prepared and not blindsided by something. As long as you keep Heidi in the loop and she knows what is going on and feels prepared then everything will be ok. Throw a curve ball and, just like her Mama, Heidi will not be a happy camper. I told Heidi that her daddy and I were going to a meeting because I did not want her to get upset that everyone would be at a birthday party. None of the little ones would be there, but I think she would get her feelings hurt.

We arrived with cookies for party favors and a basket of toys for props for the photo booth section. In the end the props were worn all around the dance floor and I think they were a hit. I personally enjoyed a little Mardi Gras mask. The food was amazing - like really amazing. The dance floor was fun - too much fun for this pregnant lady and I paid dearly for it the next day. Oh goodness, my legs and other parts of my body were killing me. Several people thought I might have been trying to induce labor. I am not sure if that meant my dancing was spastic or I was just doing such amazing dance moves that they were impressed. I am going to choose the latter.

We got home pretty late and Heidi was super excited to see her mommy, but she had a great time with Kayla! I told Kayla not to worry about putting her to bed because that would be a lost cause. Very few people can get this child to sleep. Sometimes even I have issues. This makes me contemplate melatonin more and more....which I never knew so many people gave their children melatonin. Raise your hand if you do this so I can take a poll. John said he thinks Heidi is a lot like me when it comes to sleeping and that her mind just  cannot shut down. I know I have a very hard time with that at night.

Sunday we all went over to my parent's house for a little oyster roast - I had a burger. Then everyone left and we went home for a nap! It was a full and tiring weekend with Lyndsey's dinner on Friday, the party on Saturday, and the family oyster roast on Sunday. Some pictures are from my cousin Julie who I have officially deemed the family photographer :).  I woke up on Monday praying for another day of rest....

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lyndsey's Birthday

Friday night was dinner and a movie with the girls. Lyndsey was having a milestone birthday this weekend and we wanted to celebrate! Originally there were going to be about 7 or 8 of us, including her twin sister, but it ended up being just Holly, Lyndsey, and myself.

We met up at Mellow Mushroom {I got there about 30 minutes early in order to get us a table because this place is seriously hopping} and I wanted to make sure we would be able to eat in plenty of time to make the movie. The timing could not have been more perfect and by a few minutes before 7PM we were at our table ordering. This was my first visit to the Mellow in Pooler, but it certainly will not be my last. John and I usually venture to the Mellow downtown, but most of the time it is before we head to an event in that area.

Dinner was yummy, of course, but who goes to the girls outings for the food? Well, unless you are a hungry hippo pregnant lady, you go for the adult/ladies time. It was like one of our "Ladies Who Lunch" but at dinner time - which is very rare. Between the 3 of us we have almost 8 kids 5 and under so life is a little busy for our families.

Everyone needs a friend like my Lyndsey Lou. Someone who will drop everything at a moments notice to help another person out. Lyndsey and I grew up literally a stones throwing distance from each other so we have pretty much known each other our entire lives. My beautiful friend is truly an example of a God-fearing, God-loving woman and there is nothing she would not do for her God, family, and friends. It is amazing how people can give you the best people in your lives {Holly, of course you are included in this part too!!!} when you need them the most. I am not sure how I would have been able to continue on without both of these ladies {several others as well} in my life to pick me up after Hudson and pray for my sanity and during both pregnancies afterwards. My weekly lunches with Lyndsey, Holly, and April {with a few other people thrown in the mix sometimes} are truly times I treasure.

After dinner we headed to a movie, but it ended up only being Lyndsey and me so we had a little date night. I am pretty sure it will be our last movie date because I am clearly the worst person in the world to take to a movie. I have this really fun game where I like to guess what is going to happen next or tell what the plot of the story is going to be. We went to see Safe Haven and coincidentally I had heard on the radio a few reviews of the movie and it was compared to a modern day Sleeping with the Enemy. It did have a few similarities, but a lot of twists that I was able to figure out beforehand. The thing about my game is that it isn't as much fun if you know what is going to happen, but do not share your thoughts because then know one will know the amazing gift you have at figuring out the plot. So of course I kept telling Lyndsey was what going to happen next or who was what in the movie. I'm sure it made her love the movie even more - ha! I guess we will know for sure if she invites me to another movie or not.

The movie was great, and it has seriously been over 4 years since I have seen a movie in a theater. The last one I saw was Bolt when I took my nephew and niece in December of 2008. Yes, I know, random that I can pinpoint the timeline of when I went to a move last. I promise I am not crazy.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Photo Shoot with Her Bubba

Heidi absolutely loves Hunter, or Bubba as she refers to him. Bubba is her dog and he is to go everywhere and share everything with us. Hunter really is the best dog ever. John and I adopted him when he was only 12 weeks old from the animal shelter. He was found in a dumpster - sometimes we call him our little dumpster dog. The poor guy is getting older and will be 11 in April. John and I have been battling a little skin issue that poor Hunter has been suffering from. He had to stay overnight for almost a week while John was out of town. Hunter's skin had become so infected and his white cell count was up. This was during the time when I was about 7-8 weeks pregnant so you can imagine all of the tears during that week. I thought for sure something awful was going to happen and I was going to have to make that fearful decision most pet owners dread. In all my years of having pets I have never once had to make that decision or be there to find a pet already gone. That is my dad's job. Then again, the only animal we had to decide that for, well, so technically  I have decided before, was for my sweet horse Tex. My parents and I were out of town and he was in horrible shape so my Grandmother asked my dad. I remember sobbing that night. I still remember when we went to get him...then again John says I am going to be on the history channel one day because I remember everything.

Wow - sidetracked! Back to Heidi and Hunter. Heidi will love all over Hunter and give him kisses and hugs and he just takes it. The best is when Hunter sniffs Heidi when she gets home, she giggles and cackles the whole time. The other day Heidi wanted a little mini-photo shoot with Hunter. I took a few snaps with my point and shoot and then Heidi wanted to take some pictures of me with Hunter. I only let her use my camera phone and there are seriously 100 pictures or more that she took. Heidi loves to use the camera almost as much as she loves Bubba.

{Phone pics below - by Heidi}

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day

The past couple of weeks Heidi has been preparing her Valentine's treats. Heidi loves helping and being involved and I never want to not let her help. Luckily John is the same way - hence him letting her wash the dishes with him tonight. I love that because I absolutely despise doing dishes and one day she can be in charge of sticking her hands in that nasty water with disgusting wet food - yuck, it makes me nauseous just thinking about it.

At the end of January I met at my sister's house for the very first "Friday Night Stampers" where we will eventually be meeting monthly to create some sort of card or craft. This time we made some cute little candy holder Valentines. Heidi was super excited to help add the finishing touches to the candy holders. I know I posted before, but we all sat together and added candy into the Valentines. Heidi also helped to glue the containers together as well.

The other night Heidi and I worked on a few homemade cards that she will be giving to other people. Heidi was super excited about putting these little Valentines together. We put Heidi's hand prints on the outside of the card and then on the inside Heidi glued hearts that I cut out. It is all about the gluing, seriously, children love it!

Yesterday {Wednesday} I took a half day and Heidi and I made dough for sugar cut-out cookies. This is always such a fun thing Heidi loves to do - help with cookies, but also to cut out cookies. The dough needed to chill longer so we left it in the fridge overnight in order to send freshly baked cookies to her class at school. Thursday {V-day} we woke up and cut/baked the cookies. They were delicious!

On Valentine's Day Heidi's school had a little party and Heidi received so many cute little Valentines in her bag. We have made sure to ration the candy and she is only allowed a little bit each day. Daddy bought Heidi and me flowers so we are such spoiled little girls over here. I had dance to teach at night so Heidi and Daddy had dinner together so not too much to report on Valentine's Day for the Henninger family!

John and I have never been too much into the holiday. Occasionally  before children of course, we would go out to dinner and exchange cards, but these days it is more the cards {well, considering I did not buy him a card this year - card - I know, I am horrible....} and family time. This is month 5 of having actual family time and we are completely loving it! That is probably the best thing about this Valentine's Day - the great amount of family time we have been able to have. We are thankful to be blessed to have this time after so many years without it.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Things She Says

I try to write down all of the funny and cute {sometimes hilarious} things Heidi says. My friend and sorority sister sent me a book when Heidi was born to write in with all of the cute little things. Here are a few of the things she has said lately:

Me: Heidi where are you going with that pen?
Heidi: To write on the wall.

Heidi: I want to poop on the grass right there.
Me: Why do you want to do that?
Heidi: Because Bubba {our dog Hunter} poops on the grass.
Me: Bubba is a dog.
Heidi: I'm a dog, ruff ruff!

Me: Heidi would you like some more eggs?
Heidi: No, I have plenty.

Hooray for stickers!

Stuffy said shucks!

Heidi to the rescue!

Heidi: May I have one? {throat drop}
Me: No, Heidi, this is because mommy's throat hurts.
Heidi: My throat hurts.
Me: Really? Where is your throat?
Heidi - points to belly
Me: That's not your throat silly.
Heidi: Where's my throat mama?

Baby brother is in my belly {referring to her belly}

Heidi: When is baby brother coming?
Me: Not too much longer.
Heidi: I want him out now, I want to hold him.

Heidi taking a picture: Gotcha!

When I say 3 GO! When I say H GO!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Little Voice

This was the first real week of preparation for baby #3. Over the weekend I started washing and putting away clothes and moving things around in the bedroom. I began finding Heidi's old toys and things and placed them in various convenient places in the house, checking batteries, and finding a new way to get everything organized and ready.

This should all be such a joyful time in my life. Preparing for baby. Aside from the uncomfortable sleep, heartburn, and this annoying little voice in my head everything would be perfect. The voice never leaves me alone. I do not know whether to feel honored that maybe the devil sees me as such a strong person he wants me on his side or scared that the devil sees me as weak and thinks he can easily turn me away from God due to fear.

Getting ready for baby is a big deal in our house. Of course it is a big deal in any household, but it is more of a leap of faith for me. The fact that I am washing clothes and even entertaining the thought of bringing a baby home is a good start. The moment I start doing those things though, that voice starts talking to me. It will say things like:
"why bother, you know what's really going to happen"
"what is it going to feel like when you have to come home empty handed and pack all of this stuff away?"

It is creepy how that voice pops in at the worst times for you, but the best times for that voice. It is when you are most vulnerable; the times when you are most likely to give into the fear. It is as if it constantly wants to suck the joy out of your life.
    "So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."  Isaiah 41:10

Several times during any day I have to sit down, pray, and wait. I pray for the voice to stop and for a sign of reassurance that the baby is okay. This is why I probably do about 10 kick counts a day - which is probably why I snicker a little bit each time the nurse practitioner reminds me about doing them and what to do if I feel less movement. I would much rather sit and watch my belly than do anything else, which can make for a very lazy pregnant lady. It is not healthy to obsess over the counts either so on days when I am moving around much more are days that I have the most anxiety later in the evening.

"For I am the Lord your God
    who takes hold of your right hand
and says to you, Do not fear;
    I will help you."
Isaiah 41:13

I think we all have a little voice like this that speaks to us when we are vulnerable. The important thing is what you do when you hear the voice. Do you give in feeling defeated and let the voice control your life? Or do you pray and give it to God, trusting that His plan is what is best for your life? I have to admit that because I have already lost a child losing another one crosses my mind more often than not. I am still learning God's plan for my life and trusting that His way is greater than mine. It can be hard doing that because grief is so devastating and I do not want to have to face it again, but I still put my trust in the cross nonetheless. I hope that you will do the same. When that voice speaks to you and starts to give you negative thoughts or plays on your fear take a moment to pray and give that fear to God. Let God take the worries and fear from your life.

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." 
Matthew 6:34

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fun Days

Today is a nap day, but only because I needed a nap. We run late every school day, but today the little one decides she needs to get up way early. I have no clue why. Heidi usually loves to sleep in and I love the days when I get to sleep in with her. I only have a few more "sleep in" days and I want to enjoy them. Heidi is still down for her nap and I am awake now, mainly because if I nap too long I have issues going to bed at night. So, I am blogging and ignoring the dirty mess in front of me. I have cleaned the house several times today, but Tornado Heidi is hanging out and undoing my hard work. It is a vicious cycle.

I am blogging and watching my belly move. This is one of my favorite things in pregnancy - and not just because it is the best anxiety reliever in pregnancy. There is one little pocket in my womb that all three of my babies like to stick their little booties in. It always looks I am lop-sided. I love to watch the waves go across my stomach and I even enjoy those sharp elbow and knee jabs to my gut. I have never had the feet in my ribs {thankfully}, but I think I always carry too low for that.

Flash forward and it is Sunday night. Heidi is taking a bath and asking for things like her soap which she isn't allowed to have because she likes to drink them. Yummy, ugh. We had a busy day today. Still working on organizing the house for our soon to be tenant. I keep telling myself I have about 5 weeks until the little guy is here. It should be more like 7, but I have had a feeling {probably more wishful thinking} that he will come on his own early. Not too early hopefully, but at just the right time. I have two appointments again this week. One with my specialist and one with my regular OB.

On Saturday Daddy arrived home right before our little Goose woke up from her nap and then we got ready for church. I love having Saturday night services. There are two services on Saturday night and depending on when Heidi wakes up from her nap determines which one we go to. It is so nice that Heidi is finally comfortable with going to the nursery. She walks right in! It is something I never thought would happen. The only complaint is they have spelled her name in odd ways - Hidi or Hiddie. Pretty crazy :)

After church we headed to meet the family at Outback for Hugh's 13th birthday dinner. Hard to believe he is a teenager! His parents must feel really old :) I was just a tiny little high schooler when he was born, so no old feelings here! Outback was delicious and then we headed to my sister's house for cake and ice cream.

Sunday {today} we organized and did a few things in the garage and Heidi had some craft time as well as washing her car. Her little car was dirty and she asked me for a wet rag and then we decided she should just wash the car. People have posted some cute pictures of their kids washing their cars so I will not take credit for the idea at all. I cannot even take credit for the idea in general because Heidi is the one who thought of it.

One thing I have learned is that Heidi {maybe toddlers in general} love to play with glue. Taking that thought I cut out a ton of different shapes and let her glue the shapes to another sheet of paper. It is a win-win situation because it gives her something fun to do and gives mommy a chance to clean something that will later be destroyed.


Heidi and I shared some cheetos - and then she decided to use me as a napkin. 

....and now my time is over. The bedtime timer just went off and I need to see about some beheaded Polly Pocket dolls. Good night folks!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Shots All Around!

Goodness, today started off ugly when I got into work. I didn't think I was going to make it through the day. Nothing major, just an issue that was getting on my nervous and I did not feel like being bombarded with it right when I walked in {JEFF!} and having to fix mistakes I did not make. It is done though and I do not have to worry about it anymore. Let's just say there is a certain bank I will not be recommending people to use when applying for a loan.

I tried to focus on my lunch date with the LWL {Ladies Who Lunch} and for the first time in forever it would be the 4 of us together! One certain member, not to mention your name April, likes to ditch us. We went to one of our regular spots - Jalapenos and had our favorite server {you know, the one who knows your order by heart} and had a great time. I stuck to my usual water, but I didn't a little something else, so what does one order when they need just a little something to get them through the day? A shot of coke of course!

No one made fun of me or anything - yeah least it did the job! I can never seem to drink a full coke anyway and I really just needed a little sip of something, and our server knew just how to quench my need.

I did not do a very good job with my meal planning this week, so we went to none other than Cracker Barrel! Heidi suggested it of course! Today was a no nap day for Heidi, so I was a little nervous how the evening might go, it was a success though! Heidi got to play and Mama had her food fix. Of course we didn't wait too long before putting Heidi to bed when we got home and she is sleeping peacefully. See? No nap equals time that Mommy has to write you such wonderful stories to read :) I am not sure how long it will last though because I cannot find a comfortable sitting position. Everything prohibits breathing.

Heidi has been doing a random screaming thing. I really have no idea where it came from or where it was learned. When Heidi gets mad at something {for instance Daddy takes her to potty instead of Mommy} she will cry, stomp her feet, and scream. Considering none of us are screamers - in fact I rarely even raise my voice at anyone {except today at work....}. It kind of reminds me of the fairy tale where the little dwarf stomps his little feet at his treasure pot. Maybe Snow-White and Rose-Red? I just get that little image in my head and then it keeps me calm while she loses hers. Hopefully we will see an ending to this stage soon. My best reaction to the screaming is just to remain calm and find out what is causing this emotion.

Right now John is rubbing my left leg and foot because it helps with my pregnancy induced restless leg syndrome. The rest of the weekend should be fun - stay tuned!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sleep Time

Oh night time - how I have a love/hate relationship with you. Heidi has never been a big sleeper or been able to sleep alone. John and I have always had difficulties getting Heidi to fall asleep. Recently it became a little easier, but not lately. I have found that it is much easier and she sleeps better if she does not have a nap, but then you take the risk of having to deal with cranky Heidi. You sometimes just have to weigh your options.

One of Heidi's comforts is nursing, but she also loves the touch of my skin. Heidi will rub my arm, face, or my stomach with the front and back of her hand continuously. Sometimes I wonder if she does this in order to keep herself awake. It is definitely a comfort because even when awake Heidi loves the touch of my skin. For awhile she was obsessed with "my cold" - the cold spots of my skin when we would lay down to sleep.

Lately I end up falling asleep right along beside Heidi because I have learned that if I am antsy to get something done, rather than sleep that it takes Heidi longer to sleep. Sometimes it is nice to get to sleep early because I do not sleep long at night, but sometimes I want to stay awake and get things done around the house or prepare for the next day. Right now Heidi is sleeping, but only because her daddy is snoring right along beside her.

I have mentioned to her that maybe she should try her bed, but she gets super sad because she does not want to be in there by herself. Seriously, it is pitiful. The other night she did say she would try her bed, but she was only in there for about an hour or so. During the room transitions we are going to be getting her a bigger bed, you know one I can fit in better than her crib turned toddler bed. The toddler bed is going to be turned back into a crib for numero 3.

It might seem "inconvenient" at times to have a child sleeping in the bed, but there are cuddles and extra loving time that I would not trade for the world.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Free Udder Cover!

If you are a breastfeeding mama or know of one click on the link below for a free cover! Some like to cover some don't, either way these are adorable! I had a couple with Heidi and I am definitely going to have a couple more for this one!

Click here - FREE Cover

Use the code: Valentines2013 and it will cover 100% of the cost of 1 cover.

You will only need to pay shipping.

You are able to use the code as many times, but just open a new order each time and you will have to pay shipping each time.

*Pictures from Udder Covers

What I am...

..watching, well, really it is what I am DVRing and eventually trying to watch. One of my goals this year is to have more quiet time reading the word so I attempt to wake up at least an hour before everyone else in order to have my quiet time and shower. It is definitely a work in progress and each day is a battle. I must admit some mornings I instantly wake up and shower {because I wake up so sore from moving around and being so uncomfortable and the hot shower makes me feel much better} and then go straight to the computer for Facebook, blogs, or something other than what I have intended upon doing.

So - here is what is keeping me from doing what I need to and want to be doing:

The Bachelor: Same old same old. Seems as if the "creative date person" is losing their touch because we are seeing similar scenario dates. I am not really a fan of all the competitive group dates because really when it comes down to it the show is about finding your love not competing for it, right? I have a few favorites: AshLee, Catherine, Des, Sarah. I do like Sean as the bachelor and he seems like a super nice guy, as to be expected because he is the same as on the Bachelorette. I think I have given up hope in the true love of this show...but then each time I get my hopes up and I always think its going to work out.

Biggest Loser: Who wouldn't be inspired by these men and women? Who also doesn't watch while stuffing their faces with cookies and ice cream?

American Idol: A little here a little there. I've watched it since day one season one, but it seems to have lost its flair with me. Maybe it is the auditions that I do not enjoy. I do love trying to pick out the winner, but I feel so horrible for the embarrassing ones.
Pretty Little Liars: Just love it!

The Lying Game: It is hit or miss...

Revenge: Cannot get enough!

Grey's Anatomy: Fan from day #1

Big Rich Atlanta: Started watching because a friend from college is on the show...

Project Runway: Sometimes I have to delete these because the DVR is full...

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