Friday, October 31, 2008


Happy Halloween! Hunter got to dress up this year and go to PawParazzi to a Halloween Party. We had a couple of different costume options for him and then settle on "Batdog". He really got into character and enjoy the little party - of course we bought him pig ears, his favorite!

The table of treats at the Doggie Halloween Party

The other option for Hunter's Halloween costume.....

John and I went to Danielle and Dustin's for a little party and I wore part of my old clown costume from when Danielle and I went trick-or-treating back in 4th grade...who would have guessed, almost 20 weeks pregnant wearing an old costime =) John was not into the Halloween spirit and dressed up as a ghost.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Toni's Bachelorette Party

Tonight I went to Toni's bachelorette party - she will be getting married in two weeks! It was a great night with the girls. We started the night off at her house with a shower and some games - including Rock Band. Next we headed to Club One - the best little drag show club in town. I ended up leaving after the show while the girls continued with the party. Little baby H needed to get to sleep and so did his mama! Here are a couple of pictures from the night.

The group with the "main event" - it was this dancer's last night...

Toni and I

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sorority celebration, Homecoming, and sneak peek of our baby!

This weekend I went "down to the 'ol stoppin' grounds" back to my alma mater for homecoming and a celebration of my sorority's 50th year on campus. It was such a great time! John was unable to go because at the last minute his work won a trip to Miami where apparently they win all sorts of free stuff - so far he was gotten an HD touchscreen camcorder, a laptop, video editing software, a blueray player, and other things! I guess it was worth it - especially for the camcorder! That will definitly come in handy in a few months. I enjoyed seeing so many of my sorority sisters - some I had not seen in ages! We went to a "check-in" and then a Sister Hazel concert on Friday. I bunked with a couple of sisters at the hotel I worked at when I was in college.

Saturday we had a brunch and then tailgating (yeah, I tailgated with my big belly!), and then dinner. On Saturday I also went to John's old fraternity house (where a few friends would be as well) and visited with all of them. It was a little awkward being "the pregnant girl" at the fraternity house, but it was fun to see some old friends. I think some of them were wierded out seeing me pregnant with John's baby =). At the dinner we also had a live band and I learned the Cupid Shuffle - a new favorite dance. I love to dance and I am determined that my little one will be a dancer. I figure that I can install some rhythm in him/her now!

Sunday when I was about to leave I went by the hospital to see a friend/sister because she told me to come and we could see if we could get a sneak peek of the sex of little baby Henninger. I went to the ER and the little rascal would not open his/her legs! I guess baby H wants to wait for both mommy and daddy before the unveiling!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tea Party

Happy Birthday to me! Today my mom, my sister, a family friend of ours, and I went to a tea house to have a tea party - it was the Whimsical Teacup. We had such a fantastic time!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Enchanted MAiZE

John has informed me that he has the opportunity to go to Miami for some trip they won for work. He is supposed to go the same weekend that we had planned on going to my sorority function - an event we have been planning to go to for a YEAR! I told him that I would not be mad at him if he took me to see the Enchanted MAiZE. Now, I have been talking about this maize for years - since the summer of 2004 to be exact. Another couple went with John and I to Chattanooga to visit Rock City and all these other little places and I became obsessed with this maize. Unfortunately the maize is only open in the fall - its a corn maize. Every fall since then I have checked my calendar and tried to make a trip to the maize - failing each year. Finally, I was going to have my chance!

We took a weekend trip up there for my birthday, stayed with my brother, shopped, and then went to visit John's family as well. We were in the car all weekend, but it I knew it would be worth it - I was going to the maize! We got there and I was so excited!! We walked around the maize a few times - following the enchanted clues to figure out which way to go. Thinking about it though, how much fun could you really have running around in the dirt through dead corn stalks?

After the tromp through the maize we headed back towards my brother's house and saw a big wine tasting event going on. Of course I made John stop thinking there would be some fun things to do that didn't involve drinking wine. I LOVE wine, but of course I am not able to drink it anymore. They had grape squishing contests and all sorts of events, but we didn't get to do that stuff because I didn't want to pay to get in....oh well, maybe next year!
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