Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday Must Have: Kid Camera

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Heidi's 5th birthday! When I asked Heidi what she would like for her birthday she stated she would like a Barbie Dream House. After a quick search on Amazon John and I decided that would be a present for a later time. Between the price and the fact that we have NO room in the house we opted to search for something else. When roaming the aisles we happened upon this annoying kiosk that John thought he should keep pressing the buttons to make it sing. On it was this Kidizoom Action Cam. Think "Go-Pro" for kids!

Heidi opened it and of course was like, what in the world is this, but we told her it was her own camera for pictures and videos! The girl has filled my phone memory with pictures and videos. I LOVE them, but sometimes I would like to take a picture without the "storage full" message popping up.

An awesome feature about this camera is that it can go underwater! YES! There is this little case you put it in a you are ready to go! This past week my niece was in town and I saw her making a few videos - can't wait to upload those little gems! Oh yeah, you can upload all the pictures to your computer as well!

Other features include a couple of stands to attach it to a bike or skateboard - which is fun to see! I will upload a few of the pictures Heidi has taken. Note - pictures look the best quality with taken outdoors.

This is a link to one on Amazon :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Beach Fun and Turtle Eggs

We headed to SSI for a couple of days and let the kids hang out with their cousins staying there for the week. The intention was to just go for the day, but we ended up going for two because Heidi was insistent upon swimming in the random little swimming pool at the house. Harrison is still not a fan of the sand on the beach and ended up sitting in my lab under the tent the entire time. Eventually Harrison fell asleep :) I am thankful we have a few options for going to the beach, but as much as I LOVE everything about the beach I prefer going to the pool where there is less sand. Everything else - the sounds, smells, food, calmness - I am beach all the way!

FYI - I have the most awesome beach bag. I go to the beach with the kids by myself often and this will hold all of our towels, toys, a little thermal - anything we need! It holds up to 150 pounds :)

On the way out Heidi and I stopped by one of our favorite places to eat - The Crab Trap. John was pretty mad {not really} but we couldn't resist! My girl loves her shrimp so I couldn't deny her!

This morning there was a turtle stuck in our fence and we took him out so he could continue on his adventure. There are turtles all of the time hanging out in our yard. Heidi says it is because we are so nice and they feel safe. WELL, tonight when we got home John spotted another turtle {this one was smaller} and she was laying eggs!! EEK!! We didn't take pictures because we did not want to disturb her, but I am totally excited! Tomorrow's project is to get chicken wire to protect the next from the other animals we have around here. This will be so exciting for the kids to watch!

One morning this week Heidi decided to give herself a ton of accessories. Obviously we had to take a picture! Harrison was not having it. Each time I tried to take the picture he would run in front of the camera because he wanted HIS picture taken. This little guy is such a ham! He even picks up the camera and smiles so that I will take his picture.

Awesome find of the week - a Barbie Dream House on an online yard sale site for $40! And it has barely been played with! Christmas for Heidi :) Side perk, it also included all of the furniture with it - yay!! We have plenty of Barbies, so now she will be able to play all day! She asked for one for her birthday, but I just couldn't justify the cost - that and we certainly do not have the room right now!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday Must-Haves: Gym

Today I am featuring health and fitness! The older we get the more important it is to take care of yourself. John and I are determined to set a healthy example for our children. By us working out they will be more likely to incorporate fitness into their daily routine. Back in November I decided enough was enough. Tired of feeling depressed about the "baby/toddler weight" I started going to a training center with my friend. {ahem - you need to join back with us!!!} John decided that since I was going that he would go as well. In December John ended up with rhabdomyolysis, which can basically KILL you, and was in the hospital for 4 days so we took a month break.

If you start back to working out and then suffer extreme soreness {like it hurts to touch your other arm} for days and your urine starts turning brown - go straight to the ER.

We started back in January and then mid-February I did some major damage to my sciatic nerve {think hot yoga for over an hour and me thinking I am still flexible enough to touch my foot to the
back of my head} and literally was couch bound for 2 weeks. I couldn't walk. It was the worst pain I had ever been in and I seriously thought I was going to never walk again. I begged for a catheter because the mere thought of getting up to go to the bathroom was enough to make me hold it for days - I didn't of course, but there were lots of tears.

I had to take about 2 months off because of my back {and had to take off this tennis season} while John stayed the course and lost about 30 pounds. In late April I started back and so far so good!

SO - my Monday Must-Have is some sort of gym or training center. Ours in small is has 1-3 people in a session. I love the feel of the smaller gym because I am less self-conscious of people watching my out of shape self. This is something John and I needed. We used to be in amazing shape, but now, well not so much. Neither of us have the discipline to push ourselves at a gym without a trainer. so instead of paying for a gym membership that will probably not get used we go to a center where we are held accountable. If we were to go to a gym we would probably get a trainer and that would probably cost $35-$65 a session. These sessions cost around $20 a session so it works out much better!

Our gym is Studio Fit and we HIGHLY recommend it. Sean and Brandon {the trainers} are awesome to work with and so much fun. To further explain the awesomeness I will let you see a picture of me with a little sweat - I never sweat - like ever. Let me know if you have an awesome gym or if you want to try ours!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Party Time!

We had Miss Heidi's birthday party over the weekend! SUCH a FUN time! As usual we had a pool party and had everyone over to my parents' house for the fun and festivities. The nice thing about summer birthdays and your family having a pool is it makes it super convenient for a party! Heidi enjoyed having her friends and family over to celebrate the BIG FIVE and couldn't wait for her guests to arrive.

I am not one to do all sorts of crafts and things to get ready for the party - pool, food, cake, and you are set for a party! At the last minute I ended up printing a couple of things off, but as much as I WANT to have the pinterest party birthday, I love the low key birthdays like we all grew up having. I love the pinterest looking parties and if I was not such a procrastinating perfectionist {look it up! basically a perfectionist gets paralyzed and procrastinates because the work will not live up to how you want it to be...its a tough world}I would definitely do many more "fancy" things. I printed off "Frozen" themed items and made a birthday banner, some food labels, and thank you notes. Frozen - so original, I know! You can check out the FREE printables here!

This is the night before her birthday and her last night being 4 :( You have no idea what Heidi means to me. She was my little rainbow after the storm and a sign of God's promise that HE would always be here. She is so full of life and fun. She calls me mama about 5 million times a day and even though sometimes I would like to use the bathroom by myself, have unbroken favorite items, and maybe have 3 minutes of silence - I would not trade any of that for the world. After Hudson I did not know if I would want to face the same heartbreak of having another baby again, but God had other plans when I found out we were expecting Heidi.

Decorating her birthday cake. I am, and will never be, a "pretty baker". You know, the cakes or cookies that look like they just came out of a magazine? Nope, my cake if lopsided and it was crumbling a bit into the icing. I thought about telling everyone it was chocolate chip icing, but I refrained - ha! It still tasted good though! Not pictured, but before finishing the cake Heidi invited a couple of friends over to swim!

We ended the day with celebrating a Fish Tales {Heidi's choice} and had a very nice dinner outside where the bugs were not around and it was not too hot. Its a great local seafood restaurant in town! All in all Heidi said she had a wonderful birthday!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday Must-Have

The other day I had some earrings come in {they were free, that is the way I shop} and I absolutely LOVE them! They remind me of a pair I purchased 5 years ago while I needed a bit of retail therapy while I was waiting on Heidi's arrival. I couldn't buy clothes at the time, so jewelry it was! I wear them at least 1-2 times a week and I am happy to have another pair that is similar, yet different to change it up a bit!

Back in the day I used to accessorize constantly, but that was before a little angel started breaking all of my necklaces. Slowly I can add more accessories to my wardrobe for the 5 times a year I am out of non-sweaty gym clothes. The other day I wore these earrings for the first time and I have worn them everyday for at least a little bit since! If you want a pair like these you will definitely have to act fast because they are on a tester for a direct sales company ;) Here is a link if you would like a pair!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Foodie Wanna Be

I really wish I was better at cooking. Now, I am not horrible, but there are definitely improvements that could be made. We planned to take a meal to a family that we had not met yet, but they will soon be our neighbors. One day, when we were going to see our house and how it was coming along our future neighbor popped out to say hello and we are super excited that it is a family and the couple is around our age! Of course, because I have to know everything about every situation, I found our neighbors on facebook {back in March} and then randomly a mutual friend posted a meal train site on FB because of something they are going through right now.

Check out the recipe here - it is one I have cooked before. I also made broccoli, brownies {with chef Heidi of course}, and rolls.

I am so happy that I was able to take this meal and meet the other half of our new neighbors. Going into someones home that I have never met is definitely out of my comfort zone, but I am so thankful I stepped out and met our neighbor this way. I was over there for an hour, but I am sure I could have stayed longer! There will be many nights of sweet tea and conversation in our near future!

During the day today the kids and I went swimming and then had lunch outside. Luckily we have been going early enough in the mornings to swim for a few hours before the rain. Today's fun pool trick involved me throwing Harrison in the air and him going underwater and popping back up. He loved it! Me, on the other hand, I worked out my triceps yesterday and biceps this morning so my arms are pretty much like mush right now. At first the day seemed to be starting a little rough with pool time. Harrison did not want to take off his Mickey shirt so he would not even get his bathing suit on. I was finally able to get him to get his bathing suit on and he kept his Mickey shirt. After pool time I wanted to change him and the only way he would change was if it was into another Mickey shirt. Looks like we're going to have to add a few more shirts to his wardrobe...

The night before Harrison grabbed my camera and handed it to me and started saying cheese! This boy loves to have his picture taken and he gets excited to see the pictures after they are taken.

Saturday, June 13, 2015


About a month ago I read an article someone posted about how to help with the clutter in your life. I read articles like this all of the time because I am constantly trying to find my way in cleaning out what we have accumulated during this lifetime. Not everything works for everyone, but finding a system that works for you and your life is the best thing to do. I am constantly pinning to find a way to declutter or organize. Most of you probably said, "you just throw it away", but that does not seem to work in my situation.

During this time of saving we have not bought many material items so that has been easy to not add to our stuff and things are getting better with getting rid of items. So, all in all I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I discovered this new way that works for me with my drawers. Currently we are still using a temporary chest of drawers, but this will definitely carry on to when we move and have our old dresser back.

Basically you fold all of your clothes upright so that you can see everything in there and you will not have to dig around for what you are looking for. This has been so helpful and I started this with Heidi's clothes too. Side-note, I showed John my new drawer system and he opened his drawer to see if I did it for him - oops! Maybe next laundry day ;)
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