Friday, July 8, 2016


Sometimes the words flow and sometimes....

   .....I'm at a loss.

It is hard to express a feeling that you are not even sure you know what the feeling is. There are so many hard journeys going on in the world. Some I know exactly what is going through their mind and some I cannot even fathom how they make it through a day. I only know what it is like to live in the world through my life, my eyes, my morals and beliefs, and the experiences that have shaped how I approach each situation. That does not mean that I do not care about others or that I do not want to learn. It does not mean that I am not trying to wrap my head around how to help this epidemic of violence and slaughter.

We are in 2016 and we can do better. You, me, everyone - we need and must do better. 

Our children are going to grow up in fear and a life of violence if we do not stop. I watch my back everywhere I go because elderly women are being shot at 10:30 in the morning at a store I frequent. Kids are being snatched from the arms of their parents. Innocent lives are taken because we are fearful of someone that is different from us. Parents are having to teach their children that the law is not in their favor, even when they are not doing anything wrong. I've taught my children to watch behind me and warn me if someone is approaching while I strap them in their seats. This should not be happening. 

My simple solution would be to wipe out mankind, but God did that once and we are right back where we were.

The people in the black community are demanding to be heard. For decades there has been mistrust and innocent slaughtering. They are afraid and we are hiding in our comfortable homes thanking God that it was not us. This is a war that should not be going on. It is going on in our homes, our streets, our neighbors, this country, and the leaders of this country. 

What happened in Dallas should never have happened, its not going to help fight for what you believe in by killing other innocent lives. An eye for an eye is not what we need to bring justice to what is going on. But when black families are posting that they are teaching their young boys to keep their hands up no matter what and to give up their rights solely because they are fearful of their lives? That the law does not protect them because of their skin color? That I could get pulled over and be done in 1 minute, yet my black friend could be hauled off to jail? That I could walk down the street in my neighborhood with a bike, yet my black friend would be questioned as to if they stole the said bike? None of this is right. None of this makes sense. The black community is not being heard. They have had their peaceful protests, they have tried so may ways to get us to hear yet we're not hearing.

How many times have you tried to get your point across to someone, but it took that final moment of crazy for them to finally see the light? 

A few weeks ago after the shooting in Orlando I read a post that you should reach out to your gay friend and tell them that you love them, that you are here for them. That is what you need to do for your friend of a different color. Call them, tell them you love them, that you are here for them, fighting beside them and will fight for them. Open the dialogue and see what happens. Don't push this to the side thinking that it isn't your fight. It is our fight because it is a fight for humanity. We are called to love. This is our greatest commandment. We aren't called to love only those whom we deem trustworthy, we are called to love without any reservations. If God can love you and me with all of our flaws and sins we can certainly love our neighbors. 

Black families should not be afraid to leave their homes.

Police families should not be afraid to send their officers out to do their jobs.

Humankind should not be afraid to stand up for what is right. 

*as a side note, I am not usually comfortable with referring to a group of people by skin color or sexual orientation, but for this particular post I felt it necessary.

Friday, June 17, 2016

This World

Parenting is hard. It gets harder with each generation. Most things get easier, but I think parenting is the one thing that will never evolve. There was a post recently comparing the '70s and 80s verses kids of today. It spoke of how we were able to run around until the street lights came on, how we ran over to our friends' houses, explored in the woods, we were not on leashes - we were free. We were able to live without fear that there were bad people in the world. Oh, there were bad people, but they were not on our street. They were lurking somewhere in the shadows of places we did not venture. We also did not know about these things. Media was not on the corner of every single moment in all of our lives. We could be free to live without fear because we did not know to be fearful. There were not shootings all around us, there were not men trolling for young girls to kidnap them and sell them in their sex trafficking ring. No, the world was a much safer place.

Back in the 80s moms and dads were not watching us like hawks.

Today - today it is different. Everywhere you turn someone if being shot or abducted. Sex trafficking is one of the top growing industries in the US. Terrorists are marching in any place to make a statement in support of the sick beliefs they have. A lady was shot at 10:30 in the morning at the mall. No where is sacred anymore. Kids are taken from their yards, Target, or parking lots. Today all of our safe places seem unsafe and could be tainted at anytime.

Today we watch our children like hawks because one glance away could end in catastrophe. We don't let our kids have the freedom they once had because we can't.

BUT we can't let ourselves live in fear. We cannot simply miss out on the beauty this world has to offer because of fear. There are beautiful places and beautiful people that we will miss out on if we simply lock ourselves up.

Terrible things are going to happen. We can do our best to take precautions and be smart because there are things we can avoid by being alert. There are also times when we should be able to let our guard down a little. If you have read my blog for a long time you know that I lost a child. Thankfully I did not have a mob of angry people throwing stones and blaming my uterus or me for not keeping my baby safe. There are other things that have happened that could have ended worse than they actually did. I've closed my child's fingers in the door, pinched legs with car seats, watched them grab keys off a desk - run - and then poke their eye, one has had their head stuck in bars, one walked into a pool while 20 adults had their backs turned, and I could go on. The point is, any of these things could have ended with devastating results. I also consider myself a semi-helicopter parent. I watch and I prepare for the "what ifs" in life.

The point is, the things listed above, they could happen to anyone. When tragedies happen we need to be there to support each other, not cast blame, not to lash out on the grieving parents, to make them relive the grief over and over. People are always looking for ways to make themselves feel better or more superior. We make a mistake? Ok great, but look at what that person did - it was way worse. That's what we do to make our lives and ourselves feel better.

When tragedies strike we need to be that shoulder to cry on - not the ones beating a dead horse. The parents of Lane, the boy taken by the alligator in Disney, have suffered enough. They are suffering enough without your bullying and pointed fingers. Take yourself out of the equation. Stop thinking about what you would have done or not done because you were not there and you have no idea what you would have done. Just stop. What should you do? Give grace, give love, give support. CARE about others instead of taking a moment to make yourself feel better.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Beach Day

We headed to the beach for a couple of hours the other day. Yay! There is something so relaxing and carefree about being on the beach. Maybe its because I have grown up on the coast, but there is a need for sand and saltwater sometimes - like its in my veins. I'm not really a fan of river water or murky water, but I will settle for the Atlantic even though I grew up going to the Gulf Coast.

Heidi is going to be the same way. She longs to be in the water and swims like a fish! Heidi will go to the pool or beach - I really think she loves the beach the most. Harrison on the other hand....he is a little more timid. This year I was completely shocked because he enjoyed running around on the sand and in the water. I am thankful Harrison enjoyed the beach because when babies are cranky it can make for a not so much fun time for Mama. Hopefully this is a sign of many fun beach days ahead this summer!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Monday Must-Haves: This Tote

Have you ever felt like this? Yeah, and then the bags break. 

I have the most amazing mulit-purpose tote that I use for grocery shopping, the beach, the pool, cleaning out my car, and many other ways. My kids like to use it for shade on a hot day after grocery shopping :) There are a few sizes to fit your family's needs - check it here! Low Country Bags

Summer Starts

The start to our old-fashioned summer has started! Down with technology and hello to family fun! Today we played a few yard games - of course we had to video because apparently the kids love the little videos of the kids playing with their toys and opening eggs or whatever they are doing so they want to video our stuff too. I would much rather it be us doing something fun then watching someone else play with their toys.

John is finishing up the play set for the kids and while he was building Heidi took the slide and pulled it over the trampoline. Such a smart and strong little cookie! It was a perfect idea and now I think we might need to buy a little slide just for the trampoline. They had such a good time on it!

Dirty little feet and faces - that is what summer is made for!

This is of the fight sessions. I'm not really sure where
this came from...

Spoon race - and you can see in the end that someone
does not like to lose.

Bear Crawl Race

Crab Race

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Dance Time!

We were at two different studios this year for Heidi. One was ballet instruction only without a recital. Ballet is such a foundation for any sort of dance - perfect for sports as well. It is truly something you can carry with you forever. I do not know what the future holds with Heidi and dance or if she will decide to dance next year, but she is such a beautiful dancer that I hope she decides to stay with dance. Of course having grown up dancing I am a little biased! Heidi has such a pure and sweet heart and I can feel that on stage when she dances. I do love both dance studios we have chosen - they have such a talented group of ladies!

Friday we had a little observation for the ballet instruction only studio and Saturday Heidi had her recital. I was so proud of Heidi! So many changes to a few years ago when my friend Paula was shaking a box of nerds in the wings while Heidi danced in order to bribe her to stay on stage :) Sometimes she might not smile {she said she forgets sometimes} but she goes right on stage and is just such a shining ray of sunshine! It might have been the last time she dances on stage, but whatever she decides to pursue next I know she will be great!

What patient little brothersdo while big sisters
are dancing :) AND my"needing a pedicure foot"

Harrison wanted to make a "sad" face
for the camera...

How we store all of the costumes and accessories:

After recital treats for two special kiddos - maybe 
their parents too :)

Saturday, May 28, 2016

End of School

We have had such a busy May! I am so thankful that lazy days without schedule are upon us. This summer is going to be full of pool days, crafts, fun times outdoors, the beach, and whatever else we want to enjoy! Heidi finished Kindergarten last week and it was such a bittersweet moment. This school has loved on Heidi for the last 4 years and I know we will never find another like it. The kids in the class truly cared for each other, they prayed when one of their classmates was sick, and have grown up together. Next year they will be going their separate ways.

The kiddos had a class picnic indoors {because the weather has been rainy off and on during the week} and there were photo booth options set up for them to take pictures. At night we had the BIG graduation celebration for the Class of 2016. The graduates were so excited!! They were absolutely precious with their songs! The smiles were full of joy, pride, and a hint of nervousness as they crossed the stage to receive their diplomas. I didn't cry at all, which surprised me, but I might have eaten my feelings throughout the week with a box of fudge rounds. After the ceremony we headed out to eat dinner and ate with Heidi's BFF and their family. Harrison got a little pouty, but it was incredibly late for him and he gets a little moody when he needs to eat - don't we all??

The last day of school Heidi's class had a game day and all sorts of fun! Harrison's class had a fun pizza and party celebration with a slide show of pictures showing what they did throughout the year. It was amazing to see the growth of the kids! Harrison has grown leaps and bounds this year! He went from only saying a couple of words to now chatting our ears off with words we had no idea he even knew! Seriously zero to complete sentences. After school we headed to a pool party for Heidi's class. Such a fun time and thankful the weather held out for the kids to have one last time to hang out.

Here is a little look at the first and last days of school - such a change in these little guys! I love looking back on the pictures to see how much they have changed over the years. Time really does go so quickly. I cannot believe that 7 years ago I did not think I would ever even be able to have children after Hudson died and now they are almost 6 and 3. Everyday I am so thankful to God for these sweet blessings He has allowed me to watch over. I know that they are His, but I will be eternally thankful for my entire life that He chose me to be their Mama.

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