Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fun Days

Summer started last week and we have been enjoying every minute of it! Minus a little virus setback and a fall that ended with a little chipped tooth {having it check tomorrow} for Harrison. Heidi's last day of school was last Tuesday and then we had a busy Wednesday as well. Thursday we took Miss Heidi to have her first real haircut! Yay! We have been talking about it for months! It has been way overdue, but we are in love with her new cut! Its a little sad, but she is looking so much more like a big girl. I do love how she loves her new style of hair and how easy it is for brushing, bathing, and in the pool.

Harrison occupied his time very well while sissy had her haircut. This little boy needs his hair trimmed, but I am too scared to cute his little curls! We will hold off on his cut until after we have his 2 year pictures taken. Then MAYBE we will get his hair trimmed. I think the curls will come back though. It is amazing how his curls and personality go hand in hand.

One day we made a few water balloons and attacked Daddy when he came home from work. I sent him a warning text to take off his shoes before getting out of the car. These little munchkins were so excited to surprise their Daddy!

There is always time for a tea party in our house. Heidi loves to set them up and Harrison loves to do anything that his sister wants to do - except wear her old costumes and dresses.

Both kids are swimming like fishes! Harrison does NOT want you to hold him in the water. Heidi jumps up and down like a fish and both kids absolutely love being in the water. Everyday I am asked if we are getting in the pool. We love to wait for Daddy to come home and swim - that way we miss a lot of those key sun burning hours in the day!

 Heidi has asked to ride a trolley - they both love the show Daniel Tiger. yesterday we decided to go downtown and ride one, why not, right? It was a 16 stop tour and the kids really enjoyed it! We could get on and off anytime we wanted.

Today we went bowling! So excited about the free summer bowling! Definitely gives us another fun thing to do without having to spend any money! Heidi did not want to use the little ramp to push the ball down, but Harrison love it! The cutest thing was he would cheer for himself every time he hit a pin!

I am looking forward to the rest of the summer and all of the fun we are going to have! The next few weekends our plates are full of birthday parties! We will have lots of swimming, bowling, $1 movies. and many other random adventures. Stay tuned!!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Take on Mother's Day

Mother's Day was a few weeks ago and I wanted to post my "take" on the day as well as address all of the recent posts filtered around on social media. I get it, I really do. Mother's Day can be hard. My first two Mother's Days I was a childless mom and the sting of the holiday could be unbearable at times. Even after having living children I really did not even feel like celebrating the holiday. I didn't want to celebrate if my first child was not living.

Flash forward to this year. My feelings are still the same, I'm not big on the holiday, BUT and a very large BUT, we cannot make others feel guilty about celebrating a holiday just because it makes us sad. I know - that is a tough and harsh pill to swallow, but its true. There is always going to be a time or place when someone is sad - Christmas, Thanksgiving, Wednesday, a local restaurant, you name it. People are always missing loved ones, craving for something else, or discontent with something. 

I know what it feels like to be at church on Mother's Day when moms are standing and you can't. The one thing in my life that I was certain about was that I wanted to be a mom. I also remember the feeling of finally being able to stand. Finally getting that moment I had been craving. It was actually a little embarrassing standing, but that's just me. I like to blend in with the masses rather than stand out. Regardless of how that moment felt to me there are so many people that are just bubbling to get a chance to have that moment. 

With that being said, I wish that people could allow for others to be able to celebrate something in their life without being made to feel guilty for celebrating. If we're going to start picking on Mother's Day then here is a list of things that I would ask people not to celebrate or post pictures of because it makes me sad: 

-families with three children
-your six year old children "graduating Kindergarten {seriously, when did graduating Pre-K and K involve miniature cap and gowns??}
-next year's back to school pictures when your kids start 1st grade
-6 year olds in general

I could go on and on. The point we have to be able to celebrate with our friends and families. We cannot let our grief or sadness overtake us and cause us to want to change everyone else's moment just because it is something we cannot have at that time. I am sure there was probably a more delicate way to word all of that. but today is just a day to be blunt.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Home Today

Just a normal day for us! Lunch with a couple of friends {and my kiddos of course}, park time, nap time, play time, and fun family time. If you notice little brother loves to follow his big sister everywhere. Poor thing wants to do everything she does and gets so upset when he is not quite big enough to climb all of the same obstacles that she can.

I also made a delicious Baked Parmesan Pork Chop - check out the recipe here! Paired it with brown rice and butter beans - yummy! John was happy to have a home cooked meal after my disappointing him with leftovers on NYE ;)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015

Happy New Year!

It is 2015 and it really feels so surreal to be in a year when so much was expected...thank you Back to the Future series. We brought in the new year sleeping snug as bugs in a rug. The kids went to sleep around 8 PM after drinking their sparkling grape/apple juice. We had leftovers for dinner {sorry John!} and I watched Breaking Dawn Part 2. Apparently I really missed out with the Twilight series. Two of my friends convinced me to read the books and I read all of them within about a week. I literally could not put them down. Immediately I had to watch the movies and now I want to keep watching them. I don't even know who I am anymore...

John and I talked about what we wanted to do differently this year and what areas of our life we wanted to improve. It was all pretty much the same areas we have slowly been working on the the past few years. I know I am really looking forward to being in our new house this year...sometime this year. I have no idea when our house will be ready, but I am {im}patiently waiting for that day to come. In the mean time I am working on organizing and purging. Seems like much hasn't changed, right? I do feel like it will be much easier now that I am officially staying home. Having the kids being able to come to work with me was great, but it is much nicer for all of us just to be home and me not work.

I'm looking forward to going back and doing things I used to love but never had time to do anymore, like this blog. Poor thing has been super neglected and this is my sole tie to my memory and how I go back and update our yearly family photo books.

Here is a little "list" of things I would like to refer to as resolutions for the year and the changes I want to see in my daily life.
- fix my hair and throw some make-up on daily
- eating...we'll just leave it at that
- find my active lifestyle again
- give give give
- organize
- be intentional with what I am doing
- go back to sending cards and presents

There's more, but I can't remember and I would have to go out and find my to-do journal to write it all down. AND a few others are just super personal ;)

I hope you and your family have a wonderful new year and use this new year as a fresh start to whatever you choose to do to make a better version of your wonderful self!

AND because I love pictures here are a few from today - which yes, I vow to take a TON more pictures and videos this year.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Flower Girl

This weekend we headed to PCB for my cousin's wedding. Such a fun time! The past year my cousins and I have been enjoying so much time together - and a mile long group text. It is such a joy to have these ladies in my life. Jennifer and Chris tied the knot and they had the most precious flower girl ever. We made it just in time for the rehearsal dinner {Heidi had "Donuts with Dad"} at school that morning and she could not miss!

Heidi did such an amazing job. She threw her flowers down and stood right up on that stage the entire time! During parts of the ceremony she would wave out to us in the audience and it was too cute. I am so proud of how her independence is flourishing. I never would have thought something like this would have been possible a year ago. Just goes to show that they will reach their own level of independence in their own time. Please don't get me wrong, she is still without a doubt, a mama's girl and clings to me like no other, but it she is shining more and more.

Perry was five and such an adorable ring bearer. He was so sweet to Heidi! Harrison did not like when Perry sat next to his sister though. He would point at him and grunt with a mad face!

Harrison enjoyed coloring at the kids table :) GA and Heidi were back and forth at this table just for them!

Someone LOVED the chocolate fountain! We put the tablecloth over her and her sweater on backwards so that we would not get anything on her dress :)

After the wedding {the wedding was at 2PM} we all headed to a local restaurant to have more time to hang out. Such a great time with family! I am looking forward to our upcoming girls weekend again in the winter.

Brent & Julie

My brother Tres

Cousins! - Julie, me, my sister Vicki, and the beautiful bride Jennifer

Adding my sister-in-law Tina

A mouse was in the house!! Don't worry I made sure to ask them not to kill it. Apparently it happens often when it is cold and they run the heaters.

Sleepy bug on the way home!

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