Monday, August 12, 2013

Beach WEEK!!

Everyone gets all excited about Shark Week - not me. I get excited for BEACH week! I love the beach. Everything - the salt water smell, the white sand, clear water, the way my hair works, no make-up, the smell of sunscreen...I could go on for days naming everything I love about the beach. While growing up I have spent more time at the Gulf of Mexico/Panhandle of Florida that it would not even be fair comparing it to how much I spent at the Atlantic. I was probably in high school before I even went to Tybee in Savannah. My family is just spoiled with the Gulf. Legend has it that my mom cried the first time she came to the beach in Savannah because it was nothing like what she was used to growing up. Spoiled.

I love the PC/Destin area and it has grown so much the past decade. I know that in years to come we will really love it because the kids will want to do more than just play on the beach, but for now we play and hang out. The first part of the week it rained a lot so we were back and forth dodging the rain. The water was not as clear as normal and the seaweed was heavy for a bit because of all the storms, but by the end of the week it started getting clearer.

We took the boat out one day and this is the moment I realized I need to get some help for my anxiety. All I could picture was the boat flipping over. The water was way rough in the bay so that did not help either. The first part of the week we celebrated my mom's birthday, but other than that we did not do much else. Heidi got to play with the big girls and I loved watching them interact. They were all huddled in one room at one point creating some map or something like that - too cute. Heidi swam like a little fish the whole time. I think she stayed underwater more than out of it!

Now, be prepared to be bombarded with pictures. 

Playing in the rain!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Harrison in the water!

Building castles

 Sleeping baby

 Beautiful sunset

GA dragging Heidi around

Family pics - of course!

 Ready to swim!

 Playing with make-up

 Ready for the beach!

Loving the make-up Heidi


In the background I believe it is where my parents met for the first time :)

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