Monday, June 27, 2011

Ride the Sheep!

Sunday Heidi and had to go into town to meet some ladies that teach/help at the dance studio for dinner to discuss some future plans. Heidi and I went a couple of hours early to get some shopping done. One of our stops was Home Goods and when we were leaving Heidi saw this little duck thing and she just had to have it. She kept point and saying, "duck, duck, duck" and then lunging with emphasis towards the duck. I let her hold it before we left, but we did not purchase the duck. It was semi-heartbreaking to me because she absolutely loves stuffed animals and she loves them even more if she can say what the animal is. I do not want to be one of those parents who has to purchase an item every single time they go to the store because of a screaming child and it is expected. First - my budget just does not allow for that. Secondly I also feel that if you buy something for someone continuously it takes away meaning when gifts are meant to be special, you do no appreciate what you have. I also do not want Heidi to be focused on "I want, I want, I want", but I want for her to have a giving spirit, attitude, and heart.

It really does make it hard when she is so adorable with stuffed animals. She's just so adorable in general...

After we left Home Goods we had a few other places to go and then we ended up having some time to kill, so we headed back to Home Goods to the little kids section where Heidi had just the greatest time playing! She loved the little Rocking Sheep - although it might not be reflected as much in the video. Heidi was a little overwhelmed with all the toys surrounding her. Dinner was at Panera Bread and now that Miss Priss can walk we are in trouble. She kept running around the table and to the door and laughing the whole time. This went on for about a half hour and by the end of the night my little one was exhausted with grocery store feet :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Finished Project

Ok - so I actually finished a weekend project I set out to do - yay!! I guess I should have called it "weekend project" instead of #1 {assuming there would be more projects over the weekend}, but I will hopefully have one project each weekend to have completed. My goal is to have everything set and in a place {which means I need to each a)find a place or b)throw it away} by the end of the summer. By the way - please do not think we have purchase Heidi a closet full of clothes. We are very blessed to have a great deal of hand-me-downs. I also have clothes hanging up that will last through 3T :) They will just me rotated for the next few years; its easier to have them hanging up instead of stored away in boxes.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Heidi's Saturday

Today Heidi had a very lazy Saturday - one where PJs, swimsuits and play clothes were required. First Heidi woke up and enjoyed a simple breakfast that included cheerios, banana, and water.

Next Heidi had some playtime!

Followed by helping mommy clean out her closet!

We then had some more playtime!

Added in some snack time - apples and water!

...while watching Dinosaur Train

Followed by a walk with Hunter

After our walk it was time for lunch! On today's menu? Grilled Cheese and water!!

All of the playing, organizing, walking, and eating made Heidi tired - so it was naptime!

After waking up from my nap it was time to play with Hunter and help mommy with the laundry by carrying around one of daddy's clean socks!

Since the laundry was finished and naptime was over Heidi thought it was pool time! So we enjoyed a nice time in the big pool and the kiddie pool!

When we got back from the pool we checked the mail and Heidi got a package from her friend Harper! Thank you for getting me ready for football season Harper! It was also time for another snack after all the playing out in the sun - followed by more playtime and tea time! Heidi got upset during tea time because I left to go grab the camera...

Next we took a little trip to the grocery store {looking like raga-muffins} to pick up a few items for the week as well as for dinner.

While mommy put away the groceries Heidi played with Hunter.

Daddy came home early so we had a little bit of snuggle time before he fired up the grill for dinner!

Daddy let Heidi play with Hunter's ball for a little bit while the chicken was cooking.

Then Heidi had to come in and she tried to climb the door/window to get out.

....and because she was not getting her way she made her "I'm not getting my way face" and decided to chase Hunter around instead to entertain herself.

Yummy dinner! I love corn on the cob and BBQ chicken!

After dinner I waited patiently for my bathtime - I love bathtime!

Maybe not so patiently afterall...

Now I am all nice and clean an in my jammies! Looks like I'm up to no good, right??

Before bed Heidi picked out a book to read - by both mommy and daddy!

Daddy reading me a book and playing with my toy!

Missing - a picture of Heidi sleeping, but I didn't want to take a chance on waking the sleeping beast up :) Pictures that didn't happen, but a few things that did - nursing, laundry time, my new friend at the pool, helping mommy cook....and possibly a few others!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Weekend Project #1

I am so embarrassed to be posting this, but it should hold me accountable to finishing {ahem, starting} the organization of Heidi's closet. I have not idea how it becomes so junky and I feel like I organize/clean it a lot. Apparently not well enough, at least not well enough to have a semblance of order to keep it neat.

If all goes accordingly I should have the "after" post sometime later this week and then maybe I will have projects #2 & #3 to post. Wish me luck!!

Just Some Things

  • I came home to a nice clean house today {thank you John!}

  • Giving a child corn on cob to eat is messy.

  • Hunter loves corn on the cob...

  • Heidi grabbed the washcloth with a frog on it and then the frog bath toy {she's a genius!}.

  • I am grateful to have no plans this week - pool time for us!!

  • I need to throw away a bunch of junk in my house {I am scared to through things away}.

  • We're going to one of my niece's birthday parties next week {its at a jumpy thing place!}.

  • A guy came to my place of work with his pants down to his knees almost {how do people walk like that?}.

  • My phone had to be reset and I lost EVERYTHING on it.

  • Heidi slept in her crib for an hour last night {woke up, stood up, and screamed}.

  • Heidi is loving her puzzles and she has been doing some serious "big girl" playing!

  • Everyone should read my friend & sorority sister Jemina {Ja-men-uh}'s blog.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Here is my summer TV watching list

{in no particular order}

**Also note - I usually only watch the RHofNJ on the re-run days**

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Bachelorette

SO - I watch a lot of TV, too much really. My life is pretty much drama free and I guess TV is my good bit of escape from the reality of dirty dishes, dirty diapers, work, and laundry.

{not to mention the closest that could be featured on an episode of Hoarders}

I think I have watched The Bachelor/ette every season since its beginning. I have watched Chris Harrison's horrible attempts at being shocked and angry, as well as his attempts in consoling heartbroken women. Each season I always complain how dumb the show is, but yet, I.cannot.stop.watching. It sucks me in. This season is seriously boring, but yet so intriguing. I hardly see any real {real for the show} chemistry between any of the guys and Ashley. Then she won't stop thinking about Bentley - who left. Seriously? Quit chasing - he left you, now get over it.

What I do love is this cast of guys. They are pretty cool and I actually like them. They seem actually in it for finding someone rather than just being on the show. I do think she has done a great job at filtering out the ones not meant for her so far. I do feel bad for William that was kicked off last night - his ending speech seemed a little scary {if you know him please check on him}. Then again he really did it to himself and his whole I can be this or that at any given moment. Just be yourself - not a type of person.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Officially Walking

For 2 months Heidi would hold onto our hands to walk, but only a couple of days after her birthday she finally decides she will officially be a walker. Like I mentioned, for a couple months she would hold our hands and every so often walk on her own, but now there is no stopping her!June 19, 2011

When John came home today (Father's Day) I had Heidi follow me carrying his cards - what a fun treat and surprise for him :)

Savannah Wedding

Saturday after Heidi's birthday party we went home {John & I - with our friend Keith} to freshen up and get ready for a Brandi and Jonathan's wedding. Heidi went home to take a nap at my mom and dad's house and then would later take Heidi back home to our house until we got back. John and I went to college with Brandi and Jonathan and the boys were fraternity brothers. It was so nice to finally see these two tie the knot :) I told John that I wished every wedding was here in Savannah - its nice to not have to travel sometimes!Keith, Jonathan & John


Pretty Savannah :)


Us and Brandi

Brandi & Andrea

....and because she mentioned it right before we took a picture together at her wedding :)

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