Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Things She Says

I try to write down all of the funny and cute {sometimes hilarious} things Heidi says. My friend and sorority sister sent me a book when Heidi was born to write in with all of the cute little things. Here are a few of the things she has said lately:

Me: Heidi where are you going with that pen?
Heidi: To write on the wall.

Heidi: I want to poop on the grass right there.
Me: Why do you want to do that?
Heidi: Because Bubba {our dog Hunter} poops on the grass.
Me: Bubba is a dog.
Heidi: I'm a dog, ruff ruff!

Me: Heidi would you like some more eggs?
Heidi: No, I have plenty.

Hooray for stickers!

Stuffy said shucks!

Heidi to the rescue!

Heidi: May I have one? {throat drop}
Me: No, Heidi, this is because mommy's throat hurts.
Heidi: My throat hurts.
Me: Really? Where is your throat?
Heidi - points to belly
Me: That's not your throat silly.
Heidi: Where's my throat mama?

Baby brother is in my belly {referring to her belly}

Heidi: When is baby brother coming?
Me: Not too much longer.
Heidi: I want him out now, I want to hold him.

Heidi taking a picture: Gotcha!

When I say 3 GO! When I say H GO!

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