Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fun Days

Today is a nap day, but only because I needed a nap. We run late every school day, but today the little one decides she needs to get up way early. I have no clue why. Heidi usually loves to sleep in and I love the days when I get to sleep in with her. I only have a few more "sleep in" days and I want to enjoy them. Heidi is still down for her nap and I am awake now, mainly because if I nap too long I have issues going to bed at night. So, I am blogging and ignoring the dirty mess in front of me. I have cleaned the house several times today, but Tornado Heidi is hanging out and undoing my hard work. It is a vicious cycle.

I am blogging and watching my belly move. This is one of my favorite things in pregnancy - and not just because it is the best anxiety reliever in pregnancy. There is one little pocket in my womb that all three of my babies like to stick their little booties in. It always looks I am lop-sided. I love to watch the waves go across my stomach and I even enjoy those sharp elbow and knee jabs to my gut. I have never had the feet in my ribs {thankfully}, but I think I always carry too low for that.

Flash forward and it is Sunday night. Heidi is taking a bath and asking for things like her soap which she isn't allowed to have because she likes to drink them. Yummy, ugh. We had a busy day today. Still working on organizing the house for our soon to be tenant. I keep telling myself I have about 5 weeks until the little guy is here. It should be more like 7, but I have had a feeling {probably more wishful thinking} that he will come on his own early. Not too early hopefully, but at just the right time. I have two appointments again this week. One with my specialist and one with my regular OB.

On Saturday Daddy arrived home right before our little Goose woke up from her nap and then we got ready for church. I love having Saturday night services. There are two services on Saturday night and depending on when Heidi wakes up from her nap determines which one we go to. It is so nice that Heidi is finally comfortable with going to the nursery. She walks right in! It is something I never thought would happen. The only complaint is they have spelled her name in odd ways - Hidi or Hiddie. Pretty crazy :)

After church we headed to meet the family at Outback for Hugh's 13th birthday dinner. Hard to believe he is a teenager! His parents must feel really old :) I was just a tiny little high schooler when he was born, so no old feelings here! Outback was delicious and then we headed to my sister's house for cake and ice cream.

Sunday {today} we organized and did a few things in the garage and Heidi had some craft time as well as washing her car. Her little car was dirty and she asked me for a wet rag and then we decided she should just wash the car. People have posted some cute pictures of their kids washing their cars so I will not take credit for the idea at all. I cannot even take credit for the idea in general because Heidi is the one who thought of it.

One thing I have learned is that Heidi {maybe toddlers in general} love to play with glue. Taking that thought I cut out a ton of different shapes and let her glue the shapes to another sheet of paper. It is a win-win situation because it gives her something fun to do and gives mommy a chance to clean something that will later be destroyed.


Heidi and I shared some cheetos - and then she decided to use me as a napkin. 

....and now my time is over. The bedtime timer just went off and I need to see about some beheaded Polly Pocket dolls. Good night folks!

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