Friday, July 19, 2013

Vow Renewal

Not ours - some friends :) Who happen to share our same anniversary weekend! I have been going back through my camera trying to out what I haven't blogged about. Apparently a lot - I have not been very consistent with blogging. That is ok though - life is meant to live! I have made a list of daily tasks I want to accomplish and I know that it will require me waking up at 5:30 in the morning. If you know me you know I love to sleep in. Granted my new sleeping in schedule is not sleeping in like I used to, but 5:30 is still a far stretch for me. Of course this will all depend on Harrison and when he wants to wake up to eat. What this all means is that hopefully you will get your 2-3 weekly fill of my boring life. Sounds great, right?

A couple of weeks ago Heidi went with two of her cousins and my parents down to Florida to stay at my aunt's house. We would all be meeting up for a week at the beach a few days later. While Heidi was away John, Harrison, and I went to a couple in our small group's vow renewal. Our friend Heather put so much time and effort into this event. Everything was just perfect! The morning of I met Heather and a few other ladies for a pedicure - two in a month, can you believe it? I know, me either.

Friday night John and I went to the chapel at the Mighty 8th and then had dinner at Vic's on the River! Anything that is at Vic's we will be sure not to miss. The food there is amazingly delicious. Seriously. I could go there all of the time. My wallet could not, but my taste buds certainly could.

Heather & Greg

My sister & Mindy

Savannah at night

Celebrating 6 years of marriage for the Henningers!

Little Moments

Heidi can now open the refrigerator door and she does so all the time, she even likes to add her own items to chill. It does works in my favor when I need a snack though!!

I ruined brother's "birthday party" because I took him out of the bumbo...He just kept looking up and it looked really uncomfortable!

Biggest tower ever!

So flattering, I know, but Heidi LOVES taking pictures of our "biggest smiles ever".

 Lord, thank you for blessing me with these sweet babies - I know they are more that I could have ever asked for or deserve.

 Also, if you read a previous post about how I thought Heidi had been abducted from VBS you will love to hear that I watched a video online from the event and those same fearful feelings came back. Clearly I am scarred for life.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Wedding in {mostly} Pictures!

Saturday John and I left early - way too early - for a wedding. We would have left Friday night, but pumping was not very easy with our hectic schedule this past week. John was scheduled to play golf so while he played I went back to bed. After he played golf we went to lunch with a few friends, then I went out for a little mani/pedi, ran a few errands, and then got ready. A few days after Harrison was born this same group of people got together for a wedding that John went to and I was so sad to miss. I have been looking forward to this wedding ever since!

View the pictures to see all of the fun we had! Now to plan that group trip....

On our way home I was playing with my phone for the majority of the time. I am not a good passenger so I have to do something to bide my time and reading in the car makes me sick sometimes. Anyway, I was playing on my phone and just happened to look up and see a car on the side of the road. I recognize the person and the car right away. John thought I was crazy. I knew in my gut I was right. I sent my friend a message and it was her! John had already turned around at the same time so we headed back. It was crazy how it all happened.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Last Week

Such a creative post title, right? Yeah - I'm full of them.

We had a pretty busy week last week - amazingly we have nothing ever during the week {besides gymnastics} and this week Heidi had two fun activities.

Everyday Heidi had VBS at the church I grew up {and was married} in - RHUMC. What is really funny is it felt like a mash of my old church and my new church. Everywhere I turned there was someone I knew from one of the churches. It was a huge event and Heidi's cousins were attending as well. On the first day it was a little crazy because I wanted to switch Heidi to be in a class with her cousins so that she would have some familiar faces with her. In the end she knew several kids in her class, he cousins, and two boys from her pre-school class. There were also a few kids that I knew the parents of in her class. The first day was a little hard because she did not want to go, but the rest of the week went smoothly at drop off. I really enjoyed the mom time being able to see and talk to other moms.

The only mishap was at closing ceremonies. Oh boy. Heidi did not want to perform in the ceremonies so I tried to get there beforehand to grab her. Apparently I missed the time and so I headed to the sanctuary where everyone would be. All of the pre-schoolers were in the front row. Except Heidi. I saw her class, her cousins, everyone else, but Heidi. I frantically went up and down the side aisles of the church and still could not find her. When the pre-schoolers were finished and I still could not find her my heart started racing and my eyes were burning because I was about to burst into tears. A couple of friends and my sister were also helping me to find Heidi and my friends spotted her first. Someone was holding her, apparently she had to go potty. I cannot tell you how scared I was in that moment - pure panic and fear.

This week Heidi also had a three day dance camp. Harrison enjoyed some time laying and playing with his friend Garrett while they waited for their sisters to dance. These nights were a little late, but Heidi was super tired after each day was over - plus!

We also had the kids pictures taken this week - Heidi's 3 year and Harrison's 3 month. This will mark Harrison's first time to the beach!

For some reason, maybe because we were already so busy, I decided that I would wake up each morning and run. Of course this means earlier bedtimes for me and then once Harrison has his morning feeding and goes back to bed I run. Just a few notes I would like to leave with you on running:

- There is a huge temperature difference between 6:30 and 7:30.
- Running on trash pick-up mornings, gross!
- There are a lot of morning runners.
- Running ruins my current hair washing schedule.

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