Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Concert, Playdate, & a Wedding

This weekend was crazy busy for me and the kiddos. So hectic that I am still trying to recover. Wednesday night the kids, my mom and I left for Atlanta to stay with my brother and his family. I had tons of intended plans and I was determined to make it all happen. My original purpose for going to Atlanta for the weekend was for a concert and it coincided with a wedding in Nashville - great timing to bundle it in one road trip!

Several months ago I planned to attend The Package Tour with Christine and Stacy. If you are not familiar it was compiled of Boys II Men, 98 Degrees, and NKOTB. Sounds amazing, right? Yep - it was! I have never seen the movie Magic Mike and I really do not intend to, but I have heard that there was a close comparison to this concert with the movie. Hmm....maybe I should check out the movie after all. I did not even realize this, but I had not seen Stacy and Christine in about 3 years. Not since Harper's 1st birthday shortly after Heidi was born. It did not seem like it had been that long once I was with them. A few other ladies were there as well and we all met up before the concert at the CNN building next door.

**side note**

I have to tell you the thoughts in my head before I left for the concert. I had this horrible feeling I was going to be attacked or something. My anxiety was getting the best of me. There were two scenes playing in my head. The first is where I was held at gun point and the second was where I fought back saying, "you picked the wrong WASP to mess with".

The WASP line comes from a movie that for the life of me I cannot remember. If you do remember please comment below.

If you do not know what WASP stands for - google it.

Back to the story.

We headed into the concert and Boys II Men were first - love! Who does not remember slow dancing arms length apart to their songs? Seriously - middle school dances anyone? High school too most likely. Next was 98 Degrees. I could not remember many of their songs only a couple, but it was fun to watch them. They seemed to be having fun performing.


NKOTB - yay! I saw them in 2009 and they were great then, but even better this time! Donnie seems to have taken on more of the lead role with getting things going. I really like their new songs too. I will not bore you with all of the great details about singing with thousands of other women who were letting loose as well. There is one small {rather large detail} I would love to share with you. At some point Donnie was singing microphones length away from a fan. Literally the only thing separating their lips was the microphone.

Then it happens.

The microphone drops and they are kissing - like really kissing.

My jaw dropped.

Then I died.

I looked at my friends and they had the same jaw dropped doe eyed expression. I could not even tell you what happened the next little bit because I still could not believed what I was just witness to. Of course the next thing to do was obvious - google and see if Donnie was still married.

He's not. Divorced.

The rest of the concert was amazing and I made it home safely without being held at gun point or having to use the WASP term.

Friday the kids and I had a play date at my friend Katie's house with her hubby and kiddos. Once again, I didn't even realize that I had not seen Katie since a couple of weeks after Heidi was born. Katie and I have babies all within a few months of each other Frances was born in February of 2010 and Walt was born in March. The girls had a fun time playing, Harrison slept, and Katie and I chatted. Matt made us PBJ sandwiches :) It was nice to finally get the girls together and to spend some time with Katie.

Heidi painted while there and they ran around in the backyard. The girls also made soup for us and cut up lots of yummy veggies and sushi!

After the playdate we headed to the pool in my brother's neighborhood where I got to chat with my cousin Julie and watch all of the kids swim in the pool.


Saturday my mom, the kids and I left towards Nashville for Melissa's wedding.  Oh goodness, what a trip. Heidi had to literally stop 7 times I think. I lost count. There was one stop that actually became three stops and a wait. We stopped to use the bathroom and it was out of order, so we went across the street and it was not a public restroom, the last place had a sign that said they would be back in 5 minutes. Such an ordeal. Harrison was great, unless he had a dirty diaper or was hungry, but that is normal for anyone.

We made it to the hotel and then we got ready. Luckily we entered to the central time zone which gave us an  extra hour to get there - so I thought. When I booked the hotel I was told it was only about 30 minutes away. Nope, it was an hour away. The wedding started at 6PM and GPS said I would be there at 6:30PM.

So upset.

What you do not know is when GPS puts an estimated time I take it as a challenge and try to beat it. I did, I beat it by 15 minutes - yay me! Still running late, or so I thought. The kids and I arrived and surprisingly enough they were not going to walk out until 6:22 {the date was 6/22} and we made it on time - with time to spare!

Everything was beautiful - country chic like I had never seen pulled off before. All except when three year old announces she had to poop during the ceremony. No one heard though, we were standing in the grass way behind everyone for that purpose. So we did our thing and then walked back to the ceremony {of course on the way back Heidi became excited about the pool and I had to explain to her that we would not be swimming}.

After the ceremony I was able to finally see Amanda {sorority sister whom shares a birthday with yours truly} and she was able to help me with my little munchkins. I tell you for some reason I envisioned going to this wedding to be a breeze alone with two little ones. A little over zealous I will admit. Hey, whatever, right? If it had not been for Amanda being there I might have passed out, but she was such a help by holding Harrison while he fell asleep on her so I could tend to Heidi. Melissa {the beautiful bride} was glowing and everything was perfect. I was sitting at the VSU table with Amanda, her hubby, and a few of the softball ladies that played with Melissa. The only incident was when Heidi fell out of the folding chair and bumped her head, but we made it through that and moved on to dinner.

Dinner was served family style. So neat for a wedding! Large serving bowls and everyone served themselves at their table - loved it! It was really yummy too! Of course I kept building up the wedding came to Heidi so even though we were out way passed all of our bedtimes we waited to have some delicious cake - and then we were off!

Harrison screamed all the way back and Heidi silently played on my phone. I almost hit a deer, but we all came out alive and well with no dents or bruises.

It was such a great weekend and time to see so many close friends that I had not literally seen in ages. Did this once social butterfly become a hermit? I would have to say yes because we were invited to go to a party and asked to dress in a "hipster" theme and I had to ask and google what that meant.

Sunday we woke up and prepared for a long journey back home. We took a few stops, but nothing like how it was on the way up. By the end of the journey I thought we were never going to make it home.

One little creature did make it to his final resting place on this trip though.

It happened to me for the very first time.

I hit an armadillo.

I saw him at the last minute and I had him straddled in the middle, but then he did it.

He ran right into the wheel.

Why? Why little armadillo did you have to do that?

I thought I was going to throw up. My mom said not to in her van.

But, we made it {expect the poor little armadillo} and we get to do it again next weekend - yay!

For now I will leave you with this little gem - you're welcome.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Run Forest Run!

So - it has been a little over 2 months since Harrison was born and over a year since my gym workouts and training sessions. I really fell off the work-out train. It all happened last summer when we were on vacations for 2 weeks and I kept getting strep throat. Then I found out I was expecting, and while I know I could have maintained the work outs while pregnant I didn't. If there is another pregnancy I vow to be in shape before getting pregnant and maintaining a nice workout while pregnant.

I went running tonight. Really, I sweat and everything. My friend Danielle and her sister April have been running and using a neat little app that posts onto their facebook status each night showing their running results - so I decided to join in! I am not a runner by any means. Well, I was a sprinter back in the day, but never a distance runner. Danielle sent me information to a mud run that is being held in September and while I am not sure if I will run it could be fun! John wants to run in it. I'm not sure if I want to get dirty like that...I won't look cute. Not that I feel cute these days anyway.

I know there are some women who bounce back after pregnancy looking like they have never even had a baby and while I do not hate those women I sure do envy them. Why do some of us have to have these little spare tires around our waists several months after having a baby? Just not fair...

I have a goal to be at by my birthday. That gives me roughly less than four months. The RunKeeper app I am using told me "that will be hard". Hopefully I will at least get close! I do know that I need to be careful how much I workout and watch the calorie intake because I do not want to do anything to damage my milk supply. Breastfeeding Harrison and the good it does is much more important than me trying to lose weight. I am curious to see if he will nurse almost three years like Heidi. Maybe RunKeeper didn't factor in some of the "baby weight" issues. I could also lose the weight as some of my insides fall out while I am running. There is also that little pin on pinterest that if you do 10 sets of 100 jumping jacks each day you will lose a pound a week - or something like that.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day

Soo...we celebrated John as well as Heidi on Sunday. The two must go hand in hand because you cannot have one without the other, so very fitting that Heidi was born around Father's Day. I have to tell you all a secret - obviously the secret will not get out by only the handful that are reading this blog, but I trust you :) John is the best daddy to our children in the world. There - it is out there. Seriously, he loves our children almost as much as I do and they love him right back. I love that John took a career change and potential pay cut in order to spend time with the people that matter to him the most.

John and I have been together for 12 years and to watch him grow into such an amazing father and provider is an absolute joy and honor. I am so thankful that we have had such a beautiful and rocky path to get us to where we are so far in our lives. I am thankful that Heidi is going to learn early on how a woman should be treated by watching how her daddy treats me and how he treats her. I am thankful that Harrison is going to know, by his dad's example how to treat a lady and how to be a true man of God.

Also of note - my dad. Thankful to have a dad that dotes on his children more than any father I know. I have never met a father who is more proud of all his children, children-in-laws, and grandchildren than my dad. Sorry if you come in contact with him because you will learn how amazing we all are - ha! You will also learn some interesting saying like "smaller than a gnat's behind".

Here is to many more Father's Days to celebrate!

Heidi is Three!

Where has the time gone? Has it really been three years since we first meet our precious little girl? Have we really come so far from being so scared to have this little baby in our arms thinking we would ruin this perfect being? My love for this little girl goes further than any love I could ever imagine. Heidi is the sweetest and more lovable child I have ever known. Her words are so kind and her affection will make you absolutely melt. Watching her love on her brother will bring tears to your eyes. There has not been a single moment where she has been jealous that I need to take care of Harrison. With all of the changes that have taken place recently she has been amazing. Heidi has really blossomed and come out of her shell and it really all seemed to happen when Harrison was born. At night Heidi has only wanted me, but she will now allow daddy to lay with her to go to bed - which amazingly enough bedtime only takes a few minutes vs the hours it would take. The vocabulary Heidi has is incredible - she is such a little sponge that absorbs so much more than you could imagine. I am in trouble because she already has a memory like her mama. Heidi is also very literal like me.

Opening her present the night before

Harrison had fun watching Heidi open her present :)

So excited!

Birthday & Father's Day brunch!

 Pouting about something {but still so beautiful!}

Then she sees something she has been wanting FOREVER...

Driving off in her new car :)

Birthday girl meltdown. Her cousins tried to help her blow out the candles - we re-lit them :)

We spent Heidi's birthday together {which was also Father's Day} and we wanted to make Heidi feel so special all day. John and I kept telling her happy birthday and getting really excited about her birthday. The night before we had a pre-birthday dinner and she was able to open one of her presents - pjs for her and her bitty baby. The next morning she opened her presents and then we all went to eat breakfast at the Omelette Cafe for a delicious brunch. Next we went home and let Harrison nap. We played and then John took Heidi to the store to pick up a few items. After Harrison woke up we went to pick up her cake {I vowed to always make the birthday cakes, but our oven has been on the fritz and instead of stressing she got a cookie cake} and then headed to my parents' house where we had her party. Heidi had a great time - as did we and then we went home and put our little birthday girl to bed :)

We asked Heidi a few questions and here are her sweet little answers {she loved this little question and answer session}

How old are you?: Three years old!{holding hand up with three fingers}
What is your favorite color?: blue, purple, pink, blue - 2 blues - one for mama and one for Heidi
What is your favorite animal?: Tiger
What is your favorite book?: The dollhouse one
What is your favorite TV show?: Doc McStuffins
What is your favorite movie?: Rapunzel {Tangled}
What is your favorite song?: ABC {she sings the song}
What is your favorite food?: Chicken {her original answer was gorilla...what?!?}
What is your favorite drink?: Milk and Water
What is your favorite breakfast food?: cereal - Apple Jacks and Lucky Charms
What is your favorite snack?: gummies
What is your favorite outfit?: skirts and dresses - sundresses
What is your favorite game?: food game
What is your favorite toy?: choo choo train - dollhouse
Who is your best friend?: Georgia and William
What is your favorite thing to do?: Hang out with mom and dad
What is your favorite thing to do outside?: Shoot birds {I have no idea where this came from?!?}
What is your favorite holiday?: Santa Claus
What do you like to take to bed with you at night?: Teddy bear
Where is your favorite place to go?: Mistletoe Mountain {from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse}
What is your favorite restaurant?: Cracker Barrel
Where do you want to go on vacation?: Atlanta
What do you want to be when you grow up?: an animal and a costume
What did you do on your birthday?: Got presents {we also swam and had a cookout}
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