Saturday, June 28, 2008

Chuck & Jessica's Wedding

Saturday we traveled to Valdosta for Chuck and Jessica's wedding. Chuck and John are fraternity brothers and Jessica was also a friend of ours. I know I say this in every single wedding blog, BUT we LOVE going to weddings and seeing our friends. I really wish we would have a wedding every single month so that we could see our friends more often.

John and I just traveled there for the day because he had to work the day after; luckily it is not TOO far of a trip so we were able to make it a day trip. Once again we took our "Kappa Sigma Wives Club" picture - a tradition at each wedding we go to. Well, at least I know I make sure to get a picture of all the wives at the weddings I attend! It's still so amazing to have such a great group of friends - first meeting everyone at college and then watching them meet their future wives/husbands and then being there when they get married. It is really such an awesome experience and feeling. We are really lucky to be able to go to all of these weddings and see the new chapters in our friends' lives begin. It's going to be fun once everyone starts expanding their familes and when we can all take family vacations together!!
John and I

The Wives

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Kaley's Baby Shower

This weekend I went to Kaley's baby shower for her little girl Selah. Kaley and I cheered and ran track together in high school - we were the twins =)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Karen & Clay's Wedding

This weekend we had the festivities for Karen and Clay's wedding. Karen is a childhood friend - one I have known since we were 4 years old. Last summer Karen caught the bouquet in my wedding and now she's getting married - isn't that fun? The summer before I got married I caught a bouquet - it has a long history =)

Friday we began with the bridal luncheon and then on to the rehearsal dinner. The wedding itself was held at the Methodist church - this church is so beautiful for weddings. During the rehearsal dinner Clay told a story about how he and his roommate would have "toothbrush wars" and do weird little things to each other's toothbrushes - like tie a little noose to it, have ketchup trailing from one, have one drowning, all sorts of strange little things. As bridesmaids the 5 of us decided that we would each hand Clay a toothbrush as we walked down the aisle. It was priceless! Prior to the wedding I was put in charge of getting the luggage to the hotel - I was good and did not do anything to the luggage, even though my mom suggested we should! I did put some sweet little treats in the bags though!

The wedding was beautiful and included a family of girls - 5 or 6 that all sing and play instruments. They did such an amazing job. The service was officiated by a preacher from Alabama - he was in charge of the camp that Karen worked at. After the service we went to the reception and had such a wonderful time! There were many childhood friends there and it is always such wonderful to have a chance to hang out with them. Karen and Clay will be taking a honeymoon up to the mountains to hike and do all sorts of fun things!

Karen and I


Childhood friends

The Family

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