Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday Must Have: Kid Camera

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Heidi's 5th birthday! When I asked Heidi what she would like for her birthday she stated she would like a Barbie Dream House. After a quick search on Amazon John and I decided that would be a present for a later time. Between the price and the fact that we have NO room in the house we opted to search for something else. When roaming the aisles we happened upon this annoying kiosk that John thought he should keep pressing the buttons to make it sing. On it was this Kidizoom Action Cam. Think "Go-Pro" for kids!

Heidi opened it and of course was like, what in the world is this, but we told her it was her own camera for pictures and videos! The girl has filled my phone memory with pictures and videos. I LOVE them, but sometimes I would like to take a picture without the "storage full" message popping up.

An awesome feature about this camera is that it can go underwater! YES! There is this little case you put it in a you are ready to go! This past week my niece was in town and I saw her making a few videos - can't wait to upload those little gems! Oh yeah, you can upload all the pictures to your computer as well!

Other features include a couple of stands to attach it to a bike or skateboard - which is fun to see! I will upload a few of the pictures Heidi has taken. Note - pictures look the best quality with taken outdoors.

This is a link to one on Amazon :)

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