Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Photo Shoot with Her Bubba

Heidi absolutely loves Hunter, or Bubba as she refers to him. Bubba is her dog and he is to go everywhere and share everything with us. Hunter really is the best dog ever. John and I adopted him when he was only 12 weeks old from the animal shelter. He was found in a dumpster - sometimes we call him our little dumpster dog. The poor guy is getting older and will be 11 in April. John and I have been battling a little skin issue that poor Hunter has been suffering from. He had to stay overnight for almost a week while John was out of town. Hunter's skin had become so infected and his white cell count was up. This was during the time when I was about 7-8 weeks pregnant so you can imagine all of the tears during that week. I thought for sure something awful was going to happen and I was going to have to make that fearful decision most pet owners dread. In all my years of having pets I have never once had to make that decision or be there to find a pet already gone. That is my dad's job. Then again, the only animal we had to decide that for, well, so technically  I have decided before, was for my sweet horse Tex. My parents and I were out of town and he was in horrible shape so my Grandmother asked my dad. I remember sobbing that night. I still remember when we went to get him...then again John says I am going to be on the history channel one day because I remember everything.

Wow - sidetracked! Back to Heidi and Hunter. Heidi will love all over Hunter and give him kisses and hugs and he just takes it. The best is when Hunter sniffs Heidi when she gets home, she giggles and cackles the whole time. The other day Heidi wanted a little mini-photo shoot with Hunter. I took a few snaps with my point and shoot and then Heidi wanted to take some pictures of me with Hunter. I only let her use my camera phone and there are seriously 100 pictures or more that she took. Heidi loves to use the camera almost as much as she loves Bubba.

{Phone pics below - by Heidi}

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