Thursday, February 27, 2014

Jewelry Keepsakes

A little over a month ago I was approached by Hallie with Jewelry Keepsakes to check out their jewelry. There were many beautiful pieces to choose from, but I opted for one that I could put pictures on both sides. Being able to have pictures of all my babies on one necklace is so very special to me since I will never have them all together this side of Heaven. All I had to do was e-mail the pictures I wanted on the necklace and they etched them on the necklace. It was such a pleasure working with Hallie and this company.

There is also a very special type of jewelry that is offered from Jewelry Keepsakes. You are able to have ashes from a loved one put into jewelry. How special is that? You can literally keep a piece of your loved one with you at all times. Had we chosen cremation, this type of jewelry is something I would definitely have considered. If you have an interest in any of these necklaces you can go to these places:

Website -
Facebook -
E-mail -  hallie {at} jewelrykeepsakes {dot com}

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cousin Trip!

I am so blessed to be able to post what I am about to post. Over President's Day weekend I had the most amazing time that was truly needed. I am blessed to have one sister {and three amazing sister in laws}, but I also have three cousins on my mom's side that are truly like sisters to me. The five of us had such a great time together and I am looking forward to many more weekend trips like this in the future.

The five of us met up in Asheville, NC and had a weekend full of non-stop talking, eating, and fun. There might have been a bottle or two of wine shared as well. 

Friday my sister and I drove up while the rest of the crew arrived on Saturday. That night we went out to eat and then on Sunday we headed to the Biltmore. A few mini photo shoots happened in several places and a ton of stories, some funny and some serious, were told. A couple of bombshells were dropped, tears were shed, bellies ached from laughing, but most of all I slept. I slept for three full nights. Three glorious nights....

Oh, and I now eat brussle sprouts. 

If you are ever looking for a place to stay in Asheville with a beautiful view of the city you must check out the place we stayed. The owners are amazing and the house was perfect! - check it out here!

A few things to note about the pictures - we range from 5'2" to 5'4" {that's a whole lotta height!}, one cousin in particular had us stand youngest to oldest several times, we were all cheerleaders at one point, and we are fun.

Monday, February 24, 2014


Here are our little Valentine's! My babies certainly do not enjoy sitting still and posing for pictures. I will take what I can get. My cameras both need to be taken in to be fixed, but another day...

The day before Valentine's Day Heidi and I prepared the treats for her teachers and friends. S'more packs reading "I need s'more friends/teachers like you". Idea found on Pinterest. Some days I have no creative juices left - they are somewhere in the rocking chair or bed tucked away in the nighttime feedings with Harrison. Give me another year or so and maybe I will be more original.

Happy FIRST Valentine's to this little guy! He is always so happy and looked adorable in his little outfit. Harrison usually chases me around when I try to take his picture.

Daddy with his mini-Valentine's.

Mama with the precious babes

I love Harrison's face in the background - totally what he is doing 95% of the time.

Daddy is setting the bar pretty high for her future husband. John went to Heidi's class early and dropped off a present to her. Daily I think of what one of my friends told me a few years ago when Heidi was just a baby. She told me that Heidi is so lucky because the bar is already set so high with how much love we show and give to her that the standards are going to be hard to meet by her future husband. I know we are already praying for this man - wherever he is!

I was not forgotten on Valentine's day - the hubs knows my heart {and my taste buds}love Reeses!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ballet Pictures

Last week we have Harrison's 9 month pictures taken. Yes, I am aware he is 10 months {still cannot believe it}, but with the weather and his bought with ear infections, colds, croup, and teething there was never a great time to take them. Usually I prefer outdoor pictures versus indoor, but I love the pictures that I have seen so far! I am going to be so sad when Molly moves away. Luckily I will not have to worry about it until Christmas! While Molly came to take Harrison's pictures I had a couple of pictures I have been wanting to take of Heidi done as well. 

If you know anything about me at all you must know my love for dance and all of the years I spent taking and teaching. Well, Heidi loves to dance, but does not love to go to dance. I think it is a phase that will pass, but I did want to get a couple of shots in just in case she ends up loving ballet. My turnout is not impressive, but the fact that I am up on my toes {one without a bunny} still amazes me. Thankfully Molly was able to capture some great shots! LOVE the way they turned out - and these are only the preview! Once we are in our house I will definitely be looking for a place to hang these pictures. All of the pictures are by our wonderful Molly at Molly Smith Photography.

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