Friday, February 22, 2013

Vicki's 40th Party

Saturday night was crazy. We had a party for my sister's 40th birthday and boy was I hurting the next day...

My cousin Julie and her daughter came to stay with us and Heidi had so much fun playing with Aislin. They hit it off right away. John and I had Kayla come over around 4PM that day because she would be watching Heidi that night. Our entire family would be at the party, the local family, and I did not have my "usuals" around to watch Heidi. John and I have never left Heidi alone with anyone that is not family. I toiled for weeks on who I was going to ask to watch Heidi and Kayla seemed like the perfect choice. Kayla was one of my dancers from last year and a few years prior - sweetest girl ever. You know I have to think highly of someone if I am going to ask them to watch the most precious thing in my life :)

All day long I kept telling Heidi how much fun she and Miss Kayla were going to have, so I think that definitely helped to prepare her for that night. Heidi is a lot like me where she needs to be prepared and not blindsided by something. As long as you keep Heidi in the loop and she knows what is going on and feels prepared then everything will be ok. Throw a curve ball and, just like her Mama, Heidi will not be a happy camper. I told Heidi that her daddy and I were going to a meeting because I did not want her to get upset that everyone would be at a birthday party. None of the little ones would be there, but I think she would get her feelings hurt.

We arrived with cookies for party favors and a basket of toys for props for the photo booth section. In the end the props were worn all around the dance floor and I think they were a hit. I personally enjoyed a little Mardi Gras mask. The food was amazing - like really amazing. The dance floor was fun - too much fun for this pregnant lady and I paid dearly for it the next day. Oh goodness, my legs and other parts of my body were killing me. Several people thought I might have been trying to induce labor. I am not sure if that meant my dancing was spastic or I was just doing such amazing dance moves that they were impressed. I am going to choose the latter.

We got home pretty late and Heidi was super excited to see her mommy, but she had a great time with Kayla! I told Kayla not to worry about putting her to bed because that would be a lost cause. Very few people can get this child to sleep. Sometimes even I have issues. This makes me contemplate melatonin more and more....which I never knew so many people gave their children melatonin. Raise your hand if you do this so I can take a poll. John said he thinks Heidi is a lot like me when it comes to sleeping and that her mind just  cannot shut down. I know I have a very hard time with that at night.

Sunday we all went over to my parent's house for a little oyster roast - I had a burger. Then everyone left and we went home for a nap! It was a full and tiring weekend with Lyndsey's dinner on Friday, the party on Saturday, and the family oyster roast on Sunday. Some pictures are from my cousin Julie who I have officially deemed the family photographer :).  I woke up on Monday praying for another day of rest....

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