Monday, April 30, 2012

Heidi - April

Moments from Heidi this month:

- After saying bedtime prayers with mama and daddy Heidi gave daddy a hug and kiss and then mama a hug and kiss. Heidi went back to daddy and took his hand, said, "mone dadddy" {Come on daddy} and then led him out of the room said, "Bye" and slammed the door shut. Priceless!

- One night Heidi came to our room around 1:30AM and woke me up. I asked her if she wanted to get into "mama's bed". Heidi said no, "Hi-Die's bed" so off we went. Heidi laid in her bed and I stayed with her and then laid on the floor and apparently fell asleep. Next thing I know I wake up to Heidi standing over me about the throw up. I held my hand out and she threw up in it. Then She had to throw up again and my hand was full. I held up the blanket and instead she held up her hand and threw up in it and then put the throw up in my hand. I guess I am teaching her to throw up in her hands??

Saturday, April 28, 2012

House Guests!

Heidi had her first sleepover guests {children without their parents} this weekend! Oh my, Heidi loves playing with her cousins. Emily and Georgia spent the night last night and Heidi was in hog heaven having her cousins playing over at her house! All the girls had a great time and we spread out a little pallet on Heidi's floor for everyone to sleep on. Heidi still prefers to sleep with me and ended up coming to sleep in my bed, but we tried :)

*cell phone pics, sorry for the bad quality*

Sarah Lynn Turns 5!

Happy Birthday to sweet Sarah Lynn who is turning 5! Heidi had such a great time playing with Sarah Lynn, Andrew, Chase, and Tyson. Some great moments:

- Andrew saying, "let me find something to hit you with."
- Sarah Lynn being such a sweet girl to Heidi!
- Richard giving Heidi way too many lollipops.
- The poop in the baby doll toy {fake poop}.
- Lyndsey taking the icing off the doll's boobs and blaming it on Robbie.
- The balloon falling off the balcony and one of the boys said, "the party is ruined!"

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Busy Weekend!

We had such a fun a busy weekend! Friday was work and then Heidi and I went shopping afterwards for a few items. Saturday was our "go-go-go" day. We, as in the entire family, woke up to go to a large community yard sale. I was pretty disappointed because we didn't buy anything. I believe we were anticipating a whole lot more than we actually saw. Sad :( We went home and John got ready for work. Heidi and I went over to the neighbor's backyard for her to play. They all ended up back at our house and the girls all ran around like crazy. After about an hour or so they left and then Heidi and I got ready for Cindy's baby shower. Cindy will be having a little boy in May. It was a Dr. Seuss themed shower and Brittany, one of the hostesses, did such an amazing job at all the small details.

I tried to capture a few photos of all the cute little things they had, but a little munchkin kept me busy :) Heidi had a great time and even helped herself to the apples that were on the table. All the sweets on the table and she chooses the fruit. What a good little girl!

I ran home with Heidi after the shower and my parents met us there. They picked up Heidi to take her to church and sit with her at our house afterward while I headed to a wedding. My friend Ashley, from high school was getting married! I had a great time! Ashley did such a wonderful job with all of her decorations and the entire wedding set up! She and Norman looked so happy :)

Ashley had a special dance planned for Norman at the end of the 1st dance - too cute!

Ashley, Rebecca, and Lauren

Mr. & Mrs. Mantho

Rebecca and her husband Thomas

Me & Rebecca

Rebecca, Lauren, and Hayley

 Sunday John had off {yay!} and we woke up and decided to head to Jacksonville and take Heidi to the zoo! It was such a last minute trip, but we had the best time! Heidi loved seeing all the animals and doing all the fun little things they had to see/do. I know we will definitely be traveling there again. It was our first trip in our new car - we loved having a van!! I know, a van, right? It was the best! Definitely cannot wait for more trips in this great car!

Heidi spotted the elephants!!

Petting the sting rays

Watching the lions "night-night"

"either you sit in it or you push it" just kidding :)

Sleepy monkeys

Feeding the giraffes

John - the bird whisperer

"touch it?"

The birds did not like me...

"Bird arm" - wanting the bird to be on her arm.

Train ride! She had talked about the "choo-choo train" all day!

Sleepy girl!

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