Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What I am...

..watching, well, really it is what I am DVRing and eventually trying to watch. One of my goals this year is to have more quiet time reading the word so I attempt to wake up at least an hour before everyone else in order to have my quiet time and shower. It is definitely a work in progress and each day is a battle. I must admit some mornings I instantly wake up and shower {because I wake up so sore from moving around and being so uncomfortable and the hot shower makes me feel much better} and then go straight to the computer for Facebook, blogs, or something other than what I have intended upon doing.

So - here is what is keeping me from doing what I need to and want to be doing:

The Bachelor: Same old same old. Seems as if the "creative date person" is losing their touch because we are seeing similar scenario dates. I am not really a fan of all the competitive group dates because really when it comes down to it the show is about finding your love not competing for it, right? I have a few favorites: AshLee, Catherine, Des, Sarah. I do like Sean as the bachelor and he seems like a super nice guy, as to be expected because he is the same as on the Bachelorette. I think I have given up hope in the true love of this show...but then each time I get my hopes up and I always think its going to work out.

Biggest Loser: Who wouldn't be inspired by these men and women? Who also doesn't watch while stuffing their faces with cookies and ice cream?

American Idol: A little here a little there. I've watched it since day one season one, but it seems to have lost its flair with me. Maybe it is the auditions that I do not enjoy. I do love trying to pick out the winner, but I feel so horrible for the embarrassing ones.
Pretty Little Liars: Just love it!

The Lying Game: It is hit or miss...

Revenge: Cannot get enough!

Grey's Anatomy: Fan from day #1

Big Rich Atlanta: Started watching because a friend from college is on the show...

Project Runway: Sometimes I have to delete these because the DVR is full...

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