Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day

The past couple of weeks Heidi has been preparing her Valentine's treats. Heidi loves helping and being involved and I never want to not let her help. Luckily John is the same way - hence him letting her wash the dishes with him tonight. I love that because I absolutely despise doing dishes and one day she can be in charge of sticking her hands in that nasty water with disgusting wet food - yuck, it makes me nauseous just thinking about it.

At the end of January I met at my sister's house for the very first "Friday Night Stampers" where we will eventually be meeting monthly to create some sort of card or craft. This time we made some cute little candy holder Valentines. Heidi was super excited to help add the finishing touches to the candy holders. I know I posted before, but we all sat together and added candy into the Valentines. Heidi also helped to glue the containers together as well.

The other night Heidi and I worked on a few homemade cards that she will be giving to other people. Heidi was super excited about putting these little Valentines together. We put Heidi's hand prints on the outside of the card and then on the inside Heidi glued hearts that I cut out. It is all about the gluing, seriously, children love it!

Yesterday {Wednesday} I took a half day and Heidi and I made dough for sugar cut-out cookies. This is always such a fun thing Heidi loves to do - help with cookies, but also to cut out cookies. The dough needed to chill longer so we left it in the fridge overnight in order to send freshly baked cookies to her class at school. Thursday {V-day} we woke up and cut/baked the cookies. They were delicious!

On Valentine's Day Heidi's school had a little party and Heidi received so many cute little Valentines in her bag. We have made sure to ration the candy and she is only allowed a little bit each day. Daddy bought Heidi and me flowers so we are such spoiled little girls over here. I had dance to teach at night so Heidi and Daddy had dinner together so not too much to report on Valentine's Day for the Henninger family!

John and I have never been too much into the holiday. Occasionally  before children of course, we would go out to dinner and exchange cards, but these days it is more the cards {well, considering I did not buy him a card this year - card - I know, I am horrible....} and family time. This is month 5 of having actual family time and we are completely loving it! That is probably the best thing about this Valentine's Day - the great amount of family time we have been able to have. We are thankful to be blessed to have this time after so many years without it.

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