Friday, March 30, 2012

New Neighbors!

Looks like Heidi is making some new friends! These girls just moved next door! They are showing Heidi their pet frog.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


John: " Ok, Heidi, get your juice and let's go meet Mama for lunch!"

Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

How could you live in Savannah and not enjoy St. Patrick's Day? Easy. The crowds, the partiers, the drunks. Its easy to get annoyed at the festivities. This year Bec and David came to visit for St. Patrick's Day - they had never taken part in the fun. John and I went to the parade when I was pregnant with Heidi {for some reason all the other years since we've been married and lived here we always went out of town} and last year Heidi had an ear infection so we did not go. This year we got to take Heidi! It was a nice time - even though it was so crowded and John forgot where he parked.
Family Pic!

Our spot

David and Bec

Sitting in our spots watching the parade

Drinking like a big girl!

Getting a closer/better view

Sweet kisses for daddy

Tres, Olivia, Tina and Emily on the float

Vicki watching John put lipstick on.....

John giving his brother-in-law a BIG kiss
{traditions in the parade - women run out a kiss the military, BC boys, and others throughout the parade}

Loving his kiss :)

Aaron had been talking about getting Hubert's sausage all day. He was so happy to finally have it!

Playing on Aunt Bec's new iPad

Friday, March 2, 2012

Oh, have you missed me?

Yeah - total slacker in blog world these days. I have slacked in reading, writing - pretty much anything to do with blogs the past few months. The usual ways and times I am able to write my snapshots at life have been taken away from me, but soon it will be fixed! Work has been so busy {gotta love those large tax refunds to buy cars!} and our dear devoted laptop at home has bit the dust. Poor thing, will not even turn on. Luckily I backed up my precious keepsakes before the big crash. I had planned to catch up on Christmas, Heidi's updates, a wedding, out of town family - all sorts of things. Too bad so sad. I guess I will have to keep piling up the blog to do's while we wait on purchasing a new computer. We have a tablet {like the ipad} but it irritates me too much with the touchscreen to actually type more than a brief facebook update.
There have been so many moments lately where I have needed to blog and write - to let some steam out. It really bothers me that I have not been able to write and keep up with life on the blog like I love to do. I also need to change my look up and I even e-mailed to do that, but still no time or chance to do it. I will give a brief summary of what is happening in the Henninger household.

~We are in "organization overhaul" currently making sure to find a place for everything in order to keep everything in its place. If we can't find a place then we will be finding a new place outside of our home for the item.
~I have been battling a cold for about 2 weeks now. I think I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
~Heidi is sleeping longer in her bed. She just sleeps so peacefully in our bed {so does mama when she's in the bed with us}, but she enjoys going into her bed at night time and kneeling beside the bed for her bedtime prayers at night.
~We have gone to completely only nursing at night time. In fact its really the only time she has been asking for it now. So, maybe we're on the road to the end. Kind of sad, but when she stops we'll have more babies and she can be a big sister. She'll make such a good one!
~I found a chair on the side of the road and I am going to fix it up. It should be a "fun" project, right?

And that's all I have time for folks! Maybe we'll get a new computer this weekend and you'll be feasting your eyes upon some new juicy posts from the Henninger Family blog!
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