Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sleep Time

Oh night time - how I have a love/hate relationship with you. Heidi has never been a big sleeper or been able to sleep alone. John and I have always had difficulties getting Heidi to fall asleep. Recently it became a little easier, but not lately. I have found that it is much easier and she sleeps better if she does not have a nap, but then you take the risk of having to deal with cranky Heidi. You sometimes just have to weigh your options.

One of Heidi's comforts is nursing, but she also loves the touch of my skin. Heidi will rub my arm, face, or my stomach with the front and back of her hand continuously. Sometimes I wonder if she does this in order to keep herself awake. It is definitely a comfort because even when awake Heidi loves the touch of my skin. For awhile she was obsessed with "my cold" - the cold spots of my skin when we would lay down to sleep.

Lately I end up falling asleep right along beside Heidi because I have learned that if I am antsy to get something done, rather than sleep that it takes Heidi longer to sleep. Sometimes it is nice to get to sleep early because I do not sleep long at night, but sometimes I want to stay awake and get things done around the house or prepare for the next day. Right now Heidi is sleeping, but only because her daddy is snoring right along beside her.

I have mentioned to her that maybe she should try her bed, but she gets super sad because she does not want to be in there by herself. Seriously, it is pitiful. The other night she did say she would try her bed, but she was only in there for about an hour or so. During the room transitions we are going to be getting her a bigger bed, you know one I can fit in better than her crib turned toddler bed. The toddler bed is going to be turned back into a crib for numero 3.

It might seem "inconvenient" at times to have a child sleeping in the bed, but there are cuddles and extra loving time that I would not trade for the world.

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Mica said...

I would like to see how this pans out. I was such a stickler for not letting my babies sleep with me. Now, my baby (Gavin) is 3 and I find myself cherishing nap time. Simply because, I know these times are drawing near to a close. They will never sleep with you forever!! I almost wish I wasn't so stern all of these years. Even if it meant less sleep... :)

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