Thursday, October 15, 2009

9 Months

Nine months ago today we received the news that devastated our lives. Our little Hudson was no longer with us. Then came the decisions, the painful choices and events. Nine months. In nine months a life could have been created and born. In our nine months we have buried a child, lost a job, found a new job, welcomed many new babies into the world, watched our house being built from beginning to end, bought our house, moved in our house, you see where I am going, right? It seems like an eternity, but yet it's really not that long ago that I was still pregnant. On this nine month anniversary we celebrated Hudson's life. My family, friends, John, and I lifted our balloons and released them to the sky in memory and in honor of Hudson. Not just for Hudson, but for all of the babies out there who are in Heaven. Candles were lit at 7PM all OVER THE WORLD - as a wave of continuous burning light - in order for these precious children to be remembered. The symbolism is much greater than any one human being can imagine. It's not only to remember these children, but it is to honor those that have walked this cruel and grief filled walk. To let them know that you are there for them - with love, actions, words, thoughts, and most importantly prayers.
The afternoon came and I checked my social website where friends already began to post pictures of their balloons and candles lit. I cannot even describe the feeling. To know that so many took the time out of their busy days, to stand in the rain, and release a balloon for Hudson. I began weeping at I the pictures started being posted. Maybe some tears for Hudson, but more for happiness. Happiness that those around a recognizing the life of Hudson and remembering him and all of the other babies. Friends and family posted about the day on their statuses and others would comment about their children that are no longer with us, that they never knew of such a day. Knowing that more people are being educated about this day is such a great feeling. I wish that we did not have a day like this because it is full of sadness, but I am glad we do have one to remember these children.
Below are some pictures from the balloon release and candle lighting. To those friends and family - thank you so much for celebrating with us and for honoring John, Hudson, (Hunter), and I in this wonderful way. We are blessed beyond imagination. **NOTE** I still have more pictures to add, including my own!!**
My cousins Blaine & Aislin and niece Olivia
Woodstock, GA

My brother Tres, Tina, and Olivia

My sister Vicki, Hubert, Hugh and Emily
Savannah, GA

John's brother Brad, Rebekah, Gavin, & Grace
Newnan, GA
John's sister Rebecca & David
Charlotte, NC
Stockunas Family
Philly, PA
Katie & Matt
Gainesville, GA
Lance, Stacy, & Harper
Tallahassee, FL
Lance's dad & step-mom
Tallahassee, FL
Stacy's Parents and brother
Perry, GA
Amanda & Randy
Macon, GA
Dennis, Maggie, & Luke
Columbia, SC

Curtis, Kaley, Landon & Selah
Raleigh, NC

Kara, Colin, & Kristi
Loganville, GA

Sherry, Ted, and Charles
Loganville, GA

Freddie & Brian
Marrietta, GA

Heather & Darrin
Atlanta, GA

Rebecca & Cameron
Fredericksburg, VA

Chris, Kristina, Grace, and Jack
Dallas, GA

Erin & Mark
Atlanta, GA

Lindsey & Blake
Atlanta, GA

Valdosta, GA

Johanna, Jon, & Emily
Milwaukee, WI

Kristi & Joel
Valdosta, GA

See that building in the back? That's where John proposed to me!!

Christine, Toby, January Baby, & Bun in the Oven
Griffin, GA

Savannah, GA

Gina, Dan, and Hadley
Dawson, GA

Carson, Eric, & Aiden


Whitney & her mom

Atlanta, GA

Kayley, Kevin, & Lacey

Brunswick, GA


Danielle said...

Wow! I would have cried buckets to see so many people remembering my baby boy!

Holly said...

That is so awesome to see so many people remembering Hudson!

Happy 9 months in Heaven sweet Hudson!

Sharon Holbrooks said...

AMAZING. The is one lucky little boy and you and John are truly blessed. I hurt that I had no time (or money ;)) for balloons but prayers, thoughts, dreams, and wishes were with ya'll. **HUGS**

Cort said...

What an amazing tribute to Hudson! Praying for you all always...Cortney

Carly K. said...

Oh my gosh that is amazing! What a wonderful tribute to Hudson! You're in my prayers.

Tiffany said...

Wow! Truly amazing. What a great way to remember your little boy.

Greg and Shara said...

So very sweet and touching...remembering with you.

Miche said...

This is such an awesome display of rememberance for Hudson! Thanks for sharing.

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