Monday, June 17, 2013

Heidi is Three!

Where has the time gone? Has it really been three years since we first meet our precious little girl? Have we really come so far from being so scared to have this little baby in our arms thinking we would ruin this perfect being? My love for this little girl goes further than any love I could ever imagine. Heidi is the sweetest and more lovable child I have ever known. Her words are so kind and her affection will make you absolutely melt. Watching her love on her brother will bring tears to your eyes. There has not been a single moment where she has been jealous that I need to take care of Harrison. With all of the changes that have taken place recently she has been amazing. Heidi has really blossomed and come out of her shell and it really all seemed to happen when Harrison was born. At night Heidi has only wanted me, but she will now allow daddy to lay with her to go to bed - which amazingly enough bedtime only takes a few minutes vs the hours it would take. The vocabulary Heidi has is incredible - she is such a little sponge that absorbs so much more than you could imagine. I am in trouble because she already has a memory like her mama. Heidi is also very literal like me.

Opening her present the night before

Harrison had fun watching Heidi open her present :)

So excited!

Birthday & Father's Day brunch!

 Pouting about something {but still so beautiful!}

Then she sees something she has been wanting FOREVER...

Driving off in her new car :)

Birthday girl meltdown. Her cousins tried to help her blow out the candles - we re-lit them :)

We spent Heidi's birthday together {which was also Father's Day} and we wanted to make Heidi feel so special all day. John and I kept telling her happy birthday and getting really excited about her birthday. The night before we had a pre-birthday dinner and she was able to open one of her presents - pjs for her and her bitty baby. The next morning she opened her presents and then we all went to eat breakfast at the Omelette Cafe for a delicious brunch. Next we went home and let Harrison nap. We played and then John took Heidi to the store to pick up a few items. After Harrison woke up we went to pick up her cake {I vowed to always make the birthday cakes, but our oven has been on the fritz and instead of stressing she got a cookie cake} and then headed to my parents' house where we had her party. Heidi had a great time - as did we and then we went home and put our little birthday girl to bed :)

We asked Heidi a few questions and here are her sweet little answers {she loved this little question and answer session}

How old are you?: Three years old!{holding hand up with three fingers}
What is your favorite color?: blue, purple, pink, blue - 2 blues - one for mama and one for Heidi
What is your favorite animal?: Tiger
What is your favorite book?: The dollhouse one
What is your favorite TV show?: Doc McStuffins
What is your favorite movie?: Rapunzel {Tangled}
What is your favorite song?: ABC {she sings the song}
What is your favorite food?: Chicken {her original answer was gorilla...what?!?}
What is your favorite drink?: Milk and Water
What is your favorite breakfast food?: cereal - Apple Jacks and Lucky Charms
What is your favorite snack?: gummies
What is your favorite outfit?: skirts and dresses - sundresses
What is your favorite game?: food game
What is your favorite toy?: choo choo train - dollhouse
Who is your best friend?: Georgia and William
What is your favorite thing to do?: Hang out with mom and dad
What is your favorite thing to do outside?: Shoot birds {I have no idea where this came from?!?}
What is your favorite holiday?: Santa Claus
What do you like to take to bed with you at night?: Teddy bear
Where is your favorite place to go?: Mistletoe Mountain {from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse}
What is your favorite restaurant?: Cracker Barrel
Where do you want to go on vacation?: Atlanta
What do you want to be when you grow up?: an animal and a costume
What did you do on your birthday?: Got presents {we also swam and had a cookout}


katie said...

Happy birthday, Heidi!

Vicki said...

Shooting birds and eating gorillas?

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