Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Run Forest Run!

So - it has been a little over 2 months since Harrison was born and over a year since my gym workouts and training sessions. I really fell off the work-out train. It all happened last summer when we were on vacations for 2 weeks and I kept getting strep throat. Then I found out I was expecting, and while I know I could have maintained the work outs while pregnant I didn't. If there is another pregnancy I vow to be in shape before getting pregnant and maintaining a nice workout while pregnant.

I went running tonight. Really, I sweat and everything. My friend Danielle and her sister April have been running and using a neat little app that posts onto their facebook status each night showing their running results - so I decided to join in! I am not a runner by any means. Well, I was a sprinter back in the day, but never a distance runner. Danielle sent me information to a mud run that is being held in September and while I am not sure if I will run it could be fun! John wants to run in it. I'm not sure if I want to get dirty like that...I won't look cute. Not that I feel cute these days anyway.

I know there are some women who bounce back after pregnancy looking like they have never even had a baby and while I do not hate those women I sure do envy them. Why do some of us have to have these little spare tires around our waists several months after having a baby? Just not fair...

I have a goal to be at by my birthday. That gives me roughly less than four months. The RunKeeper app I am using told me "that will be hard". Hopefully I will at least get close! I do know that I need to be careful how much I workout and watch the calorie intake because I do not want to do anything to damage my milk supply. Breastfeeding Harrison and the good it does is much more important than me trying to lose weight. I am curious to see if he will nurse almost three years like Heidi. Maybe RunKeeper didn't factor in some of the "baby weight" issues. I could also lose the weight as some of my insides fall out while I am running. There is also that little pin on pinterest that if you do 10 sets of 100 jumping jacks each day you will lose a pound a week - or something like that.

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