Monday, June 27, 2011

Ride the Sheep!

Sunday Heidi and had to go into town to meet some ladies that teach/help at the dance studio for dinner to discuss some future plans. Heidi and I went a couple of hours early to get some shopping done. One of our stops was Home Goods and when we were leaving Heidi saw this little duck thing and she just had to have it. She kept point and saying, "duck, duck, duck" and then lunging with emphasis towards the duck. I let her hold it before we left, but we did not purchase the duck. It was semi-heartbreaking to me because she absolutely loves stuffed animals and she loves them even more if she can say what the animal is. I do not want to be one of those parents who has to purchase an item every single time they go to the store because of a screaming child and it is expected. First - my budget just does not allow for that. Secondly I also feel that if you buy something for someone continuously it takes away meaning when gifts are meant to be special, you do no appreciate what you have. I also do not want Heidi to be focused on "I want, I want, I want", but I want for her to have a giving spirit, attitude, and heart.

It really does make it hard when she is so adorable with stuffed animals. She's just so adorable in general...

After we left Home Goods we had a few other places to go and then we ended up having some time to kill, so we headed back to Home Goods to the little kids section where Heidi had just the greatest time playing! She loved the little Rocking Sheep - although it might not be reflected as much in the video. Heidi was a little overwhelmed with all the toys surrounding her. Dinner was at Panera Bread and now that Miss Priss can walk we are in trouble. She kept running around the table and to the door and laughing the whole time. This went on for about a half hour and by the end of the night my little one was exhausted with grocery store feet :)

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