Friday, June 24, 2011

Just Some Things

  • I came home to a nice clean house today {thank you John!}

  • Giving a child corn on cob to eat is messy.

  • Hunter loves corn on the cob...

  • Heidi grabbed the washcloth with a frog on it and then the frog bath toy {she's a genius!}.

  • I am grateful to have no plans this week - pool time for us!!

  • I need to throw away a bunch of junk in my house {I am scared to through things away}.

  • We're going to one of my niece's birthday parties next week {its at a jumpy thing place!}.

  • A guy came to my place of work with his pants down to his knees almost {how do people walk like that?}.

  • My phone had to be reset and I lost EVERYTHING on it.

  • Heidi slept in her crib for an hour last night {woke up, stood up, and screamed}.

  • Heidi is loving her puzzles and she has been doing some serious "big girl" playing!

  • Everyone should read my friend & sorority sister Jemina {Ja-men-uh}'s blog.

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