Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Bachelorette

SO - I watch a lot of TV, too much really. My life is pretty much drama free and I guess TV is my good bit of escape from the reality of dirty dishes, dirty diapers, work, and laundry.

{not to mention the closest that could be featured on an episode of Hoarders}

I think I have watched The Bachelor/ette every season since its beginning. I have watched Chris Harrison's horrible attempts at being shocked and angry, as well as his attempts in consoling heartbroken women. Each season I always complain how dumb the show is, but yet, I.cannot.stop.watching. It sucks me in. This season is seriously boring, but yet so intriguing. I hardly see any real {real for the show} chemistry between any of the guys and Ashley. Then she won't stop thinking about Bentley - who left. Seriously? Quit chasing - he left you, now get over it.

What I do love is this cast of guys. They are pretty cool and I actually like them. They seem actually in it for finding someone rather than just being on the show. I do think she has done a great job at filtering out the ones not meant for her so far. I do feel bad for William that was kicked off last night - his ending speech seemed a little scary {if you know him please check on him}. Then again he really did it to himself and his whole I can be this or that at any given moment. Just be yourself - not a type of person.

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