Friday, July 19, 2013

Little Moments

Heidi can now open the refrigerator door and she does so all the time, she even likes to add her own items to chill. It does works in my favor when I need a snack though!!

I ruined brother's "birthday party" because I took him out of the bumbo...He just kept looking up and it looked really uncomfortable!

Biggest tower ever!

So flattering, I know, but Heidi LOVES taking pictures of our "biggest smiles ever".

 Lord, thank you for blessing me with these sweet babies - I know they are more that I could have ever asked for or deserve.

 Also, if you read a previous post about how I thought Heidi had been abducted from VBS you will love to hear that I watched a video online from the event and those same fearful feelings came back. Clearly I am scarred for life.

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