Thursday, April 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday - Sorority Girls

Throwback Thursday - sorority style! I think this was one of my favorite formals in Alpha Delta Pi. All of them were so much fun, but this one - wait, actually I do remember one bad thing happening, so maybe it was not the best, but it was great fun! I believe this one was right before spring break and I had gotten my braces off about two days before - maybe that is why I thought it was the best. John went with me even though we were on "a break" from dating trying to figure ourselves out or something - who knows. It was our junior year which I think was the best year at college. Or not, I really liked my sophomore year too - and the others...I really enjoyed college :) I really would love to go back to this time in my life. I love my life in its present time, but I really loved my time at Valdosta State University.

Pictured here are Amanda and Melissa. These ladies were two of my very first friends in college. We were in the same pledge class and all were part of the same activities within our sorority. Of course we still keep in touch, but I miss the days we all were together in school....hopefully we will get to have some time together in June at Mel's wedding! Love you ladies!


Amanda said...

LOVE IT! And, yes, I couldn't agree more with everything you said. I think this was one of my favorite formals, yet they were all so much fun! Definitely some of the best memories that I will cherish always, were made with you and Melissa! Love you!

Andrea said...

ADPi memories are the best memories! I had to laugh at your comment about one bad thing happening! Seems like that was the case with ALL of my formals in college! L&L

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