Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Water & Rice

One of Heidi's favorite activities is pouring things into other things. She was given a cute little tea set by her Great-Aunt this past weekend and she has loved serving us "tea" {water} every moment she can. For awhile she would pour water into multiple water and bowls - just because. The other day she asked for rice and it was probably because a few months ago I gave her a ton of cups and let her pour rice in and out of the cups while I was cooking dinner. Today she asked for rice again and lots of bowls. So, while I attempted to clean I let her play with the rice. Next she asked for water - I knew this could get messy - so I told her she could play with the rice and water only if she played outside.

I took her table and all the bowls, rice, and water outside and she played and played. Heidi would ask for water a few times and when she would come in she would track in some of the rice so finally I got out a few beach buckets and let her play with the water outside. It was nice and warm and what kid doesn't enjoy playing in the water spicket? Not only that, but Harrison was cluster feeding and getting a little fussy so it gave me some time to hold and feed him as well as cut up the fruit and veggies I had gotten at the store.

If you ever need a moment to yourself or to get things done I highly suggest the water and rice!

...and of course this little guy just wanted to hang out {he spent a majority of the day awake - yay!} and check out everything around him. He was only happy if he was sitting up :)

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