Sunday, April 14, 2013

Our New Life

Well, we have had Mr. Harrison for a full 2 weeks now. Life is good and we are immensely blessed. Heidi is an amazing big sister and she loves to help out with Harrison. Heidi will hold him, help with his bath, help in changing his diaper, everything. If it were possible she would try and nurse him. I am not quite sure she understands exactly how it all works. There has been a major change in our household, besides the addition of a newborn. John, Harrison, and I got home on Wednesday the 3rd and Heidi asked to nurse that night. Then on Thursday afternoon when I was laying down with her for a nap {at this point my "new" milk had come in} and she asked to nurse as usual, except this time she stopped and told me that, "my boobies were yucky now because baby brother had been chewing on them". Ever since then she has not asked to nurse. Then last night {4/13} Heidi asked me "when baby brother isn't born anymore can I nurse?" I think it makes her a little sad. I know I am sad. Of course I knew the day would come when she would no longer nurse, but I am not sure if I was quite ready yet. I know - call me weird.

This morning I took Harrison back to the hospital for his out-patient hearing test because he did not pass the two in the hospital. He passed today - yay! Most likely he still had fluid in his ears when he took the first two. I was very thankful that everything went well today.

It is amazing how "easy" everything seems with a newborn. Obviously having Heidi we have a little experience under our belt so that most definitely makes everything seem a little easier. I feel less stressed and a lot less anxious. I do not find myself staring at the pack-n-play and not sleeping for fear something is going to happen. The fact that Harrison is even in the pack-n-play and not sleeping on my chest like Heidi did is amazing in itself. Heidi sleeps in the bed with us, so it is not even possible to think about having Harrison sleep in the bed with us as well. Night time is much better with Harrison, maybe because we know what to expect? He wakes up when he needs his diaper changed and that coincides with needing to eat. So, we change him and feed him, put him back in his bed and then repeat. I usually get about 2-3 consecutive hours of sleep, but that has been normal starting about 2-3 months ago. I am definitely not as tired as I was so I am thankful for that.

So far Harrison just hangs out and sleeps a lot. Heidi would not be happy unless we were holding her. If she lasted 10 minutes in the bouncer for me to shower that was considered a success. Many times when John or I were home alone with Heidi we would be anxious for the other to get home to take a shower. Harrison will hang out in the bouncer or on a pillow or in your lap - anywhere. On days Heidi has school I can actually get things around the house done. Mornings are 100% less stressful for me and I love it. Hopefully I will be able to stay at home permanently because I have a feeling that I just won't be able to go back to work this time. It was hard last time and now with being able to feel such a major difference it will be even worse.

I'm so excited that we have a little boy here. Sometimes I catch myself almost calling him Hudson which is strange, but I feel it slip off my tongue constantly. We did not have an official name for Harrison until he was born so maybe I'm just not used to it yet. The only other baby boy was Hudson and I am so used to talking about him as our little boy, but now we have another sweet little boy who is amazing as well. {by the way, if you are wondering the other names on our list - Hamilton and Hampton - those names and Harrison were the only three names we had for the longest time}.

More later - and I promise to add pictures next time :)

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