Thursday, April 11, 2013

Harrison's Birth

Today Harrison is 11 days old! I thought I would finally start to blog about his birth and all of that fun stuff. Heidi is digging into her Easter candy and Harrison is sitting in the bouncer just chilling. I cannot believe I actually have a child that just "chills out". It is obviously too early to make that call, but so far I am enjoying it! More about life with another newborn later. For now - the birth!

It all began on Easter Sunday. We went over to my sister's house to lunch and an Easter egg hunt. Lunch was great and I enjoyed my "last meal" before the hospital starved me. The food was delicious. I was super excited that I was not missing out on Heidi hunting for eggs. I fretted for days on the possibility of not being there. After hunting we left because we had to be at the hospital around 3PM. We checked in and then waited until transport came to pick me up. I always find it so embarrassing to be picked up in a wheelchair when I am perfectly capable of walking. A couple of people made little "well, we know what she is here for" remarks while we waited in the ER. Sitting in the ER is strange. I guess I picture more of the Grey's Anatomy trauma type of stuff versus people just hanging out waiting.

Transport came and then we went to the L&D floor. John had to wait outside in the waiting area because they have to ask you questions without anyone in the room first. After I got into my beautiful hospital gown and got all settled John was able to come in to room. The beds are so uncomfortable and I was not looking forward to spending the night, especially with an IV and all the bathroom trips I had to make. It made for a restless night. Bonnie was our first nurse, but she would only be there for a short time before the shift change and then we had Brenda. Julie, our nurse from Hudson, looked in on us and assured us she was making sure we had great people our entire time. Julie is very special to John and I and she was working in a different area that night or else we might have had her :). John's parents came up that night and visited in the room for a little before they headed to sleep over at our house.

Morning came quickly and then we met our next nurse Kendra. Kendra was the one who would be there with us when our sweet baby arrived. All day the contractions were coming and they would get worse throughout the day and then they would subside. I knew inevitably what was going to happen and I was not looking forward to it. For some reason contractions increase my anxiety and with increased anxiety the contractions subside. Dr. Helmken checked in on us several times and we were pressing for time trying to get the baby here. I knew that once I got the epidural things would go a lot faster. I stayed at 1-2 cm for most of the day. When I finally decided to get the epidural, around 2:15 I went to 5cm in no time. When the doctor came in to give me the epidural I started crying automatically. I am petrified of the epidural for multiple reasons. One, and the major one, is paralysis. So, epidural in and it was a race to see which of Kendra's patients would deliver first. The other girl had her water broken and an epidural before me. I was at a 1-2 and went to a 5 while my competitor remained at an 8. I'm pretty competitive and I was determined to have Kendra by my side during this delivery.

I knew it would only be a short matter of time before it would "be time". Shortly I started to feel those pains that let me know it was time. Kendra stayed in our room and let Dr. Helmken know we were ready. Several pushes later and our little boy was born! Harrison Thomas Henninger {Harrison because we liked it and Thomas because it is John's middle name} was born at 3:44PM weighing 8 lbs 13 ozs and 19 in long. Harrison also came sunny side us which apparently is rather difficult to deliver. What can I say? I like a challenge.

John and my mom were in the room during the delivery. The nurse for Harrison let he and I hang out for a long time before they took him to do all of the measurements, tests, and such. He nursed immediately! Apparently he was hungry like his mama. Which reminds me - they have you on a liquid diet until you deliver. I was starving. The lady came to take my dinner order and it was going to be either liquid or lasagna if I delivered. More momentum to get it all done :).

Everyone was in the waiting room and John went to get Heidi so she could meet her baby brother. To say she was excited would be an understatement. Heidi could not wait to meet and hold her brother. John's parents came next and then we were moved into our other room. My parents and sister came next and then friends Lyndsey and Holly - with food! Lyndsey stayed a little longer allowing John to go home and get a shower and do a few other things. My parents took Heidi with them - it was a long day for our little goose.

It was a long day for us too, but we were so excited to have our Harrison with us - and although I was not looking forward to the recovery afterwards, I was excited that he was here and I could start to feeling better. I kid you not, I was miserable the last almost 2 months of pregnancy and to say I was ready to have my strength and energy back does not even cover it.

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Lyndsey said...

He was amazing just like his siblings!

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