Monday, April 15, 2013


Days like today make me want to take my family and live in a bubble. I want to go in the bubble and come out when Jesus comes back. Fear of the unknown and anxiety seem to take over my life knowing that what is about to happen each day is completely out of my control. There are people around me, strangers and people I know, that I have no control over. I don't know if they are good, evil, or if they have some sort of mental health issue that is controlling them. You cannot watch the news or get on Facebook without seeing that some sort of horrifying event has taken place. Whenever I see statuses on Facebook that they are praying for a city or for some sort of tragedy I never want to read the details because reading them makes it real and causes paralyzation.

The problem with living in fear is it takes away the chance to show people there is hope in the world. Living in a bubble would only make the world a little bit darker because then the light you have shining for the Lord would be dim. As scared as I am to leave my house with my family each day I know that it is what I have to do. It is what we are called to do. In the face of darkness we are to be the shining light. We are called to "not be conformed to this world, but to be transformed by changing our way of thinking and that way we can discern from God what is acceptable" {paraphrase from Romans 12:2}.

Boston. Sandy Hook. Columbine. Waco. 9/11.

These events {and others} are what scare me to death.

It is not only the big events with national coverage that cause me to crave the bubble, but local ones too, including the recent shooting of a toddler who was on a walk with his mom while he was in the stroller.

I crave for the safest place, but is there such a place anymore? Everywhere seems to have been tainted and no longer innocent. I mourn for the innocence of what used to be. Besides praying for the families that are affected by these tragedies I also pray for the quick return of Jesus. I am ready to live in a place where there is nothing sad or horrific.

Lord come quickly....

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