Monday, February 4, 2013


Another weekend has past and here we are welcoming February! I am always amazed at how fast January comes and goes and then before you know it back again. I took a half day on Friday and picked up the little Goose from school. Heidi picked out her bow and sunglasses for the day. I try to let her have as much input in her outfits as weather appropriate as possible. It is hard to let her walk out of the house with something that does not match, but it is something that I am working on. So, if you see her wearing something funky know it was one of her creative days :)

We had a great time, as always, but did not too much. Heidi and I went back to my work for a little bit to see her daddy and then we all had lunch together. I opted out for nap time, even though I seriously needed a nap. For dinner we headed out to my current obsession - Cracker Barrel. I cannot get enough of this place. It was Heidi's suggestion, not mine at all this time. Usually we go on Saturday nights after church.
Why Heidi loves to go...

Why mama loves to go...

Saturday John headed to work while Heidi and I went shopping with my parents. Our first stop was to a local fabric store to pick out material for baby #3's nursery. We still are not even close to a name - so no, I am not just keeping it a secret, although it will be a secret once we pick it out until he arrives. Now that I am at 30 weeks I will allow myself to prepare for our baby to arrive. to pick out material we went! Of course I will show you once it is finished. After material we all went to eat lunch and then to the mall to get some new shoes for our growing goose. 

Friday after school Heidi did not jump off a little curb that I normally let her jump off of because she said her shoes hurt her. I felt awful! I knew that Saturday would be a shoe shopping day. I have had her in size 5/6 shoes {seriously, it just depends on the shoe} and she measured at a 6 and 1/2 so she needs to be in a size 7. I felt like a horrible mama! We bought a pair of cute black ones, some plum dress shoes, and a cute pair of tennis shoes. The ladies at Stride Rite in the mall were so helpful! 

Our next stop was Belk because I needed some make-up and cleanser, staying loyal to Clinique ever since my June breakdown. We did make one little pit stop before Belk to Barnes and Noble. It was a little disappointing because they took the train away that was in the kids section. Heidi loved playing with that whenever we would come to the mall.

After leaving the mall we headed to church where John met up with us. I am sure Heidi and I looked a frightful sight. We had been out all day with no naps, my feet were swollen, I had not make-up on because I could not remember where I put my make-up bag. I am trying this new thing in which I find places for my things and if there it not a place for it I just throw it in the garage donate it. Apparently I found a place for my make-up and never thought to look in the new place. 

Sunday we had a family day. We cleaned, have I mentioned that I loathe that word? I also cannot stand a dirty house and this new organization kick is almost in full force. Heidi, John and I worked on the Valentine treats for her friends at school, played, painted a little outside, played with sidewalk chalk and went to the grocery store. John was wanting a hotdog and I told him I could only have a vegan one. I am not sure if that will be happening again - they were disgusting. Before bedtime Heidi entertained us with some dancing. I didn't get the best part on video, but you will have a little peek at her dance.

All in all a great weekend! Quiet and normal - for a few more weeks when we learn a new normal once again!

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