Sunday, February 3, 2013


Remember your manners because it is right
Remember your manners its a Christian's delight!
{Patch the Pirate - Ron Hamilton - Kidnapped on I-Land}

I grew up on the songs of Ron Hamilton a.k.a Patch the Pirate and his adventures. I loved, and still love, all of the little songs that were so catchy. The songs were always teaching you something too. The song above was about manners and was sung in a round with verses like "don't talk with your mouth full it looks quite awful" or "please pass the cheese, thank you so much, achoo excuse my sneeze". Cute, right?

Manners are so important and sometimes it seems like we are losing the ability to use manners. Starting young with children in teaching manners is super important and the best way to teach them is by example. If you use the proper manners then prompting them to use the same manners should be easy - maybe? I am definitely not an expert on teaching anything, just a mom trying to do the best I can to help my child grow into a God-loving child.

Anyway, we stayed at my husband's brother's family's house a couple of times recently and they had a little design on the wall in the bathroom that the kids could put a sticker on after they went potty. Heidi put her stickers on when she went - super fun for her. I knew she would love to have something similar at her house. I did not want to do stickers for the potty because she is already set with pottying {I still cannot believe how lucky we were with her and using the potty} so I thought about manners. We made a little board that she can put a sticker on each time she uses her manners - unprompted.

Heidi's face lights up each time we praise her for good manners. She wanted a cat on the board to put her stickers on. I cut one out of construction paper and Heidi glued it all together. I am in no way an artist, so it is kind of a lumpy cat, but it works.

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