Saturday, February 2, 2013


My goal is to try and have fun little things for Heidi and I to do each weekend. Once again I am preparing for my stay-at-home mom days that are so close in my reach. You know those moms  that have all these amazing art projects with their kids, meals from scratch - ha, yeah right. I doubt I will ever be that kind of mom, but one can only do the best they can! I cannot {absolutely cannot} wait to be a stay at home mom. I was never meant to be a working mom, I never intended upon being a working mom, but things happen. We usually have packed weekends, but sometimes we don't and there are the glorious half days I have been taking lately.

Each month I know I want to have at least one little art project so I tried to come up with one for January. Of course I scanned Pintrest for some inspiration and found some adorable projects. There were tons of snowmen ideas so I took one and rolled with it. Now, the thing you must know is that in south GA it has snowed maybe twice. I think it snowed once while I was pregnant with Heidi in February 2010 and then there was the "big snow" that came when I was in 1st grade in the late '80s. {Gosh, I am sounding like my dad more and more...}.

The prior information makes this part funny. Whenever I ask Heidi what we are going to do today/tomorrow she responds with "play in the snow". Why on Earth would she even think that? I think she has seen snow like once and that was when she was 6 months old while we were in Pittsburgh.

I cut smaller squares of blue construction paper - cut into squares. Next Heidi placed her hand in white paint and pressed onto the paper to create her hand print.

I also cut out tiny rectangles and squares out of black construction paper for the hats as well as little triangles for the noses. Now, this is where is got a little tricky. Heidi wanted to do all of this by herself, but wanted my help at the same time. We ended up with a system where she did all of the gluing {using a glue stick} and I was to place them on the hand. It worked out nicely. Toddlers just love to glue things. Seriously, I will cut out random shapes and let Heidi glue for as long as she wants. It really helps when I am trying to cook dinner or clean.

After we glued the hats and noses on we added a few little dots for eyes and a little "coat". Heidi had such a great time and I know she will enjoy our February creation just as much!

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