Friday, February 1, 2013

New Mixer

I was super pumped, I mean more pumped than any normal person should be, about a Christmas gift from my parents this year. I have wanted one for years. I am not sure why I never got one or asked for one, actually I did ask for one but someone {a husband that will remain nameless} said I needed to clear some other "junk" off of the kitchen counter before we added such an amazing kitchen appliance.

So I have had it for about a month and have yet to make something that requires using it. The first usage had to be special, something amazing and wonderful. I have been taking half days lately {slowly getting ready for staying at home once the little one is here - hopefully to be permanent!} and I told Heidi that we were going to bake cookies after school that day! Heidi was super pumped - and so was I. My plan was for these amazing oatmeal cookies that I remembered baking all of the time with my mom. It is a recipe that has been in my family forever and is delicious! What a great recipe to break in my new mixer with Heidi! We decided to add M&M's to our batch :)

I have to tell you, having a toddler help you with baking is much easier with a mixer. Much less of a mess as well. John probably appreciates the "less of a mess" part.

The key to a mixer is to make sure you are getting the right one. I am not a connoisseur of mixers, but I do know that my mom has had the same mixer for 45 years and has never had an issue. I would suggest one with the crank on the side rather than the one with the head that lifts up and down. When my parents were shopping they heard that the part on the head can go out whereas the crank on the side does not. A larger bowl is best and you will probably want to have one that you can add all of the attachments. I am super excited about getting a pasta making attachment!

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Jane said...

Boyd gave me one for my Birthday. After using my old Sunbeam for 46 years. I have used it some,of course making his favorite cake. Tried making cookies and that was a no no. I like it a lot so I guess I will have to just make cakes. Have you tried bread making yet? Happy baking or should I say mixing.

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