Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Trip to Pittsburgh

This weekend we made a last minute trip to Pittsburgh. John's grandmother passed away and we were able to make it up there to be with his side of our family during the funeral and family events. This trip was Heidi's first time to meet her Pittsburgh aunts, uncles, and cousins! The trip was also to be her first on a plane!! I was so nervous taking her on the plane - not knowing how she would act. We had a very early flight on Friday morning so we left Heidi in her pjs and headed to the airport. The first trip was so successful! Heidi slept the entire time! We made it to Atlanta and there we waited for our next trip and met up with Brad, Rebekah, Gavin, and Grace for the next flight to Pittsburgh. Heidi fell asleep on this trip as well - she was just perfect! When we arrived we were greeted by John's dad and Uncle Jim -as well as some cute little Steeler hats :) Throughout the week we visited with family and we were even able to play in the snow! Heidi was a big hit among all of her cousins and aunts and uncles. She had a great time!
We did start to see the beginning of her separation anxiety from mom. I was completely exhausted after this trip because Heidi only wanted to be held constantly by mommy - which I did not mind at all :) Our last night there we sledded in John's Uncle Jim's driveway with Rebecca and David. At first we started out with cardboard boxes and then the neighbor felt sorry for us and let us use a real sled! It was so much fun! The trip back was not as pleasant. Heidi was a little fussy on the first trip and then when we arrived in Atlanta we found out our next flight was canceled and we were booked on a later flight, but we were able to catch a flight that was earlier - which was great because we were hosting our Bible study's Christmas party that night! Poor Heidi had the worst time getting to sleep - its going to take awhile to get her back on schedule!

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