Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Walking With You - Naming Hudson

I have been following a blog called The Beauty of Sufficient Grace and Kelly, the founder, has created Sufficient Grace Ministries to help those that has lost a child. On her blog she has created a study called Walking With You where women tell their stories, read each others grieving, while praying for each other and helping to comfort one another.

Comforting Others With the Comfort We Have Received
(2 Corinthians 1:3-4)
This week (well, last week really, but I was away on vacation without internet access - and yes I will post back dated posts on my vacation!) we were asked to share about naming our children. John and I named our little boy Hudson Greer Henninger. Why? Because we liked the way it sounded. We wanted a name that was different, unique and something that flowed well. During our pregnancy we didn't tell anyone the name of our baby - we still hadn't quite decided ourselves.
John researched some names and we saw Hudson and then Greer and we really liked the way it sounded. No one else we knew of had that name and it was unique. So, for most of the pregnancy we called him Hudson. Before we even knew we were pregnant I wanted to name our child Cooper Folsom (Folsom was my grandfather/great-grandfather/uncle's name), but John's sister was dating (now engaged) to a guy with the last name of Cooper - we felt that would either be confusing if they got married (because they were only dating at the time) or be a hard reminder to her if they were to break up. John also wanted our first child's name to be something that we came up with all our own. We have plans for our other names when we have more children (Folsom, Thomas, etc - so if any friends or family members are reading this those names are taken and do not use them =) thanks!).
Right before we found out that Hudson was gone John and I had really started researching names and trying to pick out just the perfect name for our little guy. I remember we kept going back to Hudson each time, so when John met me up at the doctor's office he said, "well, we have a name for our first son - Hudson Greer". There was no way we could have saved that name and used it for another child. It would only remind us of our first little boy.


Jennifer Ross said...

Hudson Greer... I love that name! He is such a beautiful little boy!

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

A beautiful name for a beautiful boy...I love the sound of Hudson Greer. It does just flow! Thanks for joining us, Kimberly. I hope your vacation was refreshing!

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