Tuesday, June 9, 2015


The kids and I headed to the beach for the day just because :) Heidi has been asking to go and it finally seemed like we were able to head that way. No more hand, foot, mouth, chipped tooth incidents, or other various medical issues going on so it worked out. We chose Tybee {other choices being SSI or Jekyll} simply because it was just a teeny bit closer than the others and we are in VBS this week at night. The kids loved the beach, and by that I mean Heidi loved the beach. Harrison just liked to sit in my lap and let the waves knock us over. He did not want anything to do with touch the sand. Heidi, on the other hand, enjoyed the sand a little too much. My ear is proof because a day later I still have sand on the inside of my ear. I can hear it every time I swallow. Funny how years ago my priority at the beach was laying on my chair working on my tan and now its making sure the kids are enjoying their time and we are all coated in enough sunscreen.The pictures below are the only times Harrison touch the sand,

Earlier I mentioned VBS - what an ordeal that started off to be! We went to register and then found out that the earliest age accepted was if you had just finished kindergarten - oops! Well, little Miss Heidi pitched a fit and thankfully the sweet women at the church {this is not the church we attend, but a local church in our town where we have many friends} must have taken pity on me or something, but they allowed Heidi to join in the fun. She is having a blast! Tonight the kids could dress up like a character and she randomly asked to dress like Snow White. Even more random? We were able to find my Snow White costume from when I was in 1st grade....apparently I did not like wearing the black wig because it covered my blonde hair - notice the slight forced smile?

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