Friday, June 5, 2015

Disney Trip!

The kids and I took a short trip to Disney this weekend and had such a great time! We have been before, but it seems like the magic is always there and amazing. I'm not even sure where it all came from {maybe our first family trip from September},  but suddenly I am obsessed with Disney. Not like the clothing or the paraphernalia. but going and experiencing the magic. The kids love going and I love seeing them enjoy each moment. There are still so many things we have not been able to experience - the night shows, entire parades, etc, but in due time we will! Some people can go, go, go and power through all day, but we certainly cannot and until we get some ear pieces for Harrison we will not be experiencing a night time show. Working on that for next trip!

We had a birthday party on Saturday morning so before heading to Orlando we have a fun time celebrating Heidi's cousins' joint birthday celebration. It stormed, but the kids will all about getting into the pool anyway. Then they played carnival games, ate, and had cupcakes! Heidi loves a good birthday party and we have several coming up this month!

Right after the party we headed to Disney and our hotel. The kids were loaded with the iPads, coloring books/crayons, toys, and drinks - so we were ready to roll! It isn't a bad drive so we made it pretty quick! We ended up staying at the All-Star Music resort and it was easy to find. I love to stay on the Disney property because it is so convenient for your trip. I also compared the rates to this resort with hotels around the area and it was the same price, if not cheaper. 

After we arrived and checked in the hotel {and were given two balloons}we parked our car and unloaded everything. This took a couple of trips because it was just me and the kids. The past two times there was always someone with a luggage cart to help with our bags and I sort of counted on that again, but there was not this time. No worries though, we managed and got unloaded :) Our next stop was to find something to eat. We shared a meal of chicken, green beans, and mac-n-cheese that was at the resort restaurant. NEXT, we went swimming! We saw two pools to choose from on our path and Heidi chose the one with the three amigos. The kids love the water and were excited to get into the pool!

We made it a sort of late night and then headed back to our room to go to sleep! The next morning we woke up bright and early and enjoyed breakfast in our room. I love going to Disney and you can really make it a little less expensive if you plan to take some of your own food. A meal plan for Heidi and myself would have added $200 to our total {Harrison is not eligible because he is free to get in the parks}, but by taking breakfast, lunch, and snacks you can save a ton! The only meals I purchased were dinners and we usually only purchased one meal and we could all share it. We kept our water bottles filled all day and even including a souvenir for each child I spent less than $100. That was dinners, ice cream, popcorn, and a couple of cokes. I highly suggest a meal plan if you intend on reserving character dinings and you intend on being there for a longer length of time, but for the weekend we didn't need one.

Our first park for the trip was Magic Kingdom! Heidi was super excited to ride Peter Pan and see Anna and Elsa. We made those stops as well as a few other favorites that day! Around 3 we headed back to the hotel to take a break and maybe go back out to the parks that day. It was a Sunday so things were not crowded at all so our wait time was usually less that 20 minutes per activity. 

My view for most of the day...

Treasure hunt!

So, we bought these spray fans last trip and luckily we could bring them again. I filled them with water and put them in the refrigerator the night before, so they were nice and cool!

Enchanted Tales with Belle

Pizza for dinner!

Our after dinner swim in the "Ariel Pool"

The next day was a big day for us. I don't even know how we were out so late. We slept in a little and then headed to Animal Kingdom around 10AM. We walked around, did a few rides and then we headed to Hollywood Studios. Next, we went to Blizzard Beach where is ended up closing a little early because of a storm coming. SO, after that we headed to Magic Kingdom for dinner. I thought we would leave right after dinner, but we ended up staying and riding a couple of rides. It rained on us, but it was not too terrible. We waited a LONG time for the Peter Pan ride and I'm not really sure what was going on because we were literally standing in the same spot for 30 minutes. The kids were doing so well though and Harrison ended up falling asleep in my arms and staying asleep throughout the ride. We headed straight to the stroller and the fireworks show was just about to start and that is when Harrison lost it. Don't worry, we will have ear muffs for the next trip. They are already on order. Once we made it to the bus it was fine, but I REALLY wanted to watch the show. One day I will get to see one :) We made it home and the kids FaceTimed their daddy at 11PM. I have no idea how they were still awake. Needless to say we slept in the next morning!

Our last day I packed and loaded up the car and then we headed back to Magic Kingdom, We walked around and did out thing and then we headed him! Today was a big shocker though. Harrison actually walked near a character!!! YES! We are making progress! We had such a fun time and I love making memories with these two little blessings! Looking forward to our next trip and hoping John can make it with us!

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