Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Funday

Normal everyday things going on here! We woke up a little later than normal which was nice considering I barely slept last night. It was a bad night for me to try to sleep. Both kiddos were having rough nights so I was back and forth. I might have uttered something really mean under my breath, but only a sleeping John caught wind of it. So that is not hard evidence. Plus you cannot hold me accountable for anything said when I average five hours of sleep {not continuous} each night.

We all met up with John's sister Rebecca this afternoon for lunch downtown. Heidi was super excited to see her Aunt Bec. It was a short meeting and when we left Heidi said, "I miss Aunt Bec". Then a pouty face followed. John and I promised a trip to see her and Uncle David very soon.

Harrison fell asleep on the way home and John put him straight into his crib for his nap. Heidi wanted to play soccer outside and it was such a beautiful day that Heidi spent a lot of time playing outside. John also had fun swinging a golf club with Heidi. She loved it :)

Later Heidi spent some time doing one of her favorite things - playing dress up!

Harrison literally posed and waited for his picture to be taken here.

This is the "mom, stop taking pictures, please" face. Please take note of all the stamps on her arm.

Harrison got on in the fun! Super baby!

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