Saturday, March 8, 2014

Friday & Saturday

I'm not sure where to start. Do I go ahead and confess once again about my failed attempt at giving up sugar? Dare I call this post "Lent Confessions"?

No - I won't.

I might not even tell you about the trail mix I ate today, so nonchalantly, not even realizing until two hours later that I consumed M&M's while eating the trail mix.

Ugh. Addiction is hard to break. Sugar or a spare tire around my waist??

Friday started with an end to Dr. Seuss week at school. Our last day was hat day so Heidi decided to wear her sunhat. She loves that little hat and it looks so adorable on her.

Friday night I tried a new recipe. It is my new thing - trying different recipes. This one seemed to go over well with everyone, much unlike my roasted brussel sprouts a week ago. I am constantly pinning new recipes on Pinterest and this one was a success! Here is the link - One Pot Meal. And yes, I am back to eating meat. Solely because I could not find enough to eat, unless I only ate bread and sweets....

image credit - here

Heidi loves helping me with dinner or anything for that matter. I let her do most everything, but I am always so nervous letting her help with the stuff around the hot stove. She always does such a great job though! The other morning I was sleeping in {yes, I have an amazing husband that lets me sleep in on Sundays - we go to church on a different day of the week} and Heidi was helping John make pancakes. John did not know she could crack the eggs and was so impressed! Tonight Heidi poured and measured everything and also used the cheese grinder for our cheese!

Saturday morning I was up bright and early to go to a women's conference and listen to Jen Hatmaker. It was such an incredible time and I am blessed to have been able to hear her speak. I am also blessed to have amazing friends that I can share in these types of events. There is so much to learn even as a person who has been a Christian their entire life. Today Jen {I can call her that because we are now friends} spoke about how we are to be following Jesus so closely that we should be covered in the dust from His footsteps. We are to each "play our note", to do our one small act that might not change the whole world, but with each small act that we all do together it will change our ways. There was more stuff, but I hope to blog that in action :)

Somehow I had the time wrong for the conference ending and it was going to be overlapping with a birthday party Heidi had been invited to. Luckily my dad was {who was watching the kids} was able to step in and take Heidi to the party so she would not miss it. My mom and I met them there. This was another party for a friend in her class and Heidi had such a great time! I will have to say my initial thoughts were as follows: "what will the kids be wearing?" "will Heidi have brushed hair?" "a bow?" Heidi picked out her own outfit and looked cute :)

Dinner today was a local seafood restaurants. I ordered something that was not what I was expecting and ended up being given a free dessert. I could not say no to free red velvet cake. Y'all the devil is clearly against me doing anything that is for the good of my mind, body, and soul. I have two huge examples. The first is the sugar issue. This has been a battle forever. The reason the devil is against it? Today I ordered a water for lunch {after deliberation} and the waiter brought me both a water and a coke. Really? Talk about temptation being thrown in my face. The other example is that I began taking steps to be on Facebook less by setting a specific amount of time during the waking hours to log in. Well, that very same day I started posting to Twitter and Instagram. Sites I have had forever but that I literally never post on. The Coke instance is where I really saw how much the devil wants me to fail, but what the devil does not know is that when someone thinks I will fail at something it pushes me even harder to succeed.

Good luck with that Mr. Satan!!!

For now I will be throwing out all junk food - so look for me later dumpster diving.

And because I want you to have that image out of your head - a cute little video of Mr. Harrison.

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