Monday, March 10, 2014

Daily Check-in

Thought I would give you my daily check-in on how I am failing miserably at giving up sweets. Before I let you know the latest I would like to "thank" my cousin Beth for suggesting that I {as well as the other cousins} read a book. It is called Grain Brain and basically after I read it I will be living on water. No, not really, but this is not just about me giving up sweets. This is going to be my own food revolution. First it is sweets and I have a feeling next it will be bread. Two of my biggest weaknesses and foes in my horrible eating habits.

My mom, Heidi, and I went to have mani/pedis and I have black toenails. Not like from a fungus, but I thought I was choosing a deep purple - nope, black. Oh well. Heidi chose a purple with glitter, but she "is the type who loves glitter" according to Miss Priss herself. Heidi is ultra girly - love it!

Today I had a tennis match. It was a make-up match from all of the rain last week. My sister and I are doubles partners in a local league - we won our matches this time! This is my first season and she played last season so we are pretty much still beginners. So excited for our first win of the season! I need to get a couple of shots of us, but too totally embarrassed to ask for a picture. For now a small selfie. I never take selfies and I feel really silly now for posting one.

As far as the sugar - none today! Woohoo! I might have had the shakes for a bit, but made it through the day. It is still a little touch and go right now because I am still awake, but I have a feeling this is going to successfully be day number one.

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Sarah E @ said...

I did a Sugar Detox for a week back in September and it was really telling. I did pretty well on it and realized that I have terrible will power. I "think" I can exercise self-control but found that I did so much better when I cut it out cold turkey. I may try it again and even go for 2 weeks next time b/c I struggle a lot with sugar!

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