Thursday, March 13, 2014

New Recipe!

Another day and another notch on the sugar free train. For those that have gone out to eat with me {or eaten with me in general} know that I am a super finicky eater. Plain Jane is how I can describe my eating style. If I order something it is normally some sort chicken, cheese, and bread. Dessert is always included and vegetables are a foreign concept. Fruit is sometimes on the meal plan, but only apples, bananas, or grapes.

John has the opposite palate in eating. He will eat just about everything. Luckily Heidi will eat anything too so it is not hard to get her to eat healthy foods.

Lately I have totally been expanding in the world of vegetables and fruits. In Asheville during our girls weekend I ate broccoli and roasted brussel sprouts and they were delicious. I have added both of those to our menu and hopefully they will become a staple. Potatoes are a food I could live without - unless it is a chip or fry. Well, I started slow by with eating them when fixed with a roast. I will eat a potato if it does not taste like a potato. Strange? Yes, I know. I did find a great recipe tonight that involves a potato that was delicious!

Loaded chicken and baked potato - recipe here

Today was a breakthrough in the fruits. After the tennis match today I had strawberries and kiwi - yep! Add those to my list of fruits that I will now eat. I am so excited to be adding these healthy items to my list of foods I will eat. There are times when I feel my foods are so limited and that is the reason I go towards the sweets and junk. It is safer for my palate to eat sweets because tasting something that is horrible is one of the worst things ever.

And now a few pictures :)

This is how I do most of my cooking - by recipes on Pinterest and using my iPad. I do love using my recipe books and old family recipes though, especially during the holidays. Lately we have had a ton of new meals though thanks to Pinterest! Follow me here!

This is how Harrison stays occupied while I cook - sometimes!

Apparently this little guy is not allowed to be in the "jungle" as Heidi explained to me, so she had to take it away from Harrison.

Next it was time for Harrison and Heidi to chase each other with a balloon. Randomly this is a balloon we have had since Valentine's Day.

Harrison loves taking selfies. Me, not so much, but Harrison looks so cute I had to post!

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