Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 3

On the menu for the church dinner dessert tonight?

Peach Cobbler!!

Yay - I don't like peach cobbler so there would not be any temptation to want a dessert.

Once I claimed my dinner and walked by the dessert table a little old lady says, "oh hey, here is some last minute banana pudding - take it while it lasts!".


This kind of stuff keeps happening over and over.

I did not eat the banana pudding, in case you are wondering.

After dinner I walked to church and grabbed my peppermint to freshen my "just ate dinner" breath. Unwrapped it, popped it in my...oh wait a minute, for the love, a peppermint is sugar...spit it right out. That was a close one luckily I made it through and now day three is under my belt.

In the early afternoon I took the kids to the library. Heidi just loves going and picking out her own books. Other than that not much else to report. Pretty boring and sugar less day. Don't worry, I will have more things to write about other than kicking my habit. Tomorrow is tennis - woohoo! Maybe I will get an action shot or two ;)

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