Monday, March 17, 2014

Dinner, Tara Feis, & Our Life {and a recipe!}

This was a fun weekend for us - well at least I had fun! It started with dinner on Friday night with two of my close friends Cindy and Melissa. {I also had lunch with 3 other fabulous ladies on Wednesday - one day I will get a picture of us at lunch!} I have loved reconnecting with all of these ladies that I have been friends with for decades. It really makes my heart so happy. This weekend was St. Patrick's Day weekend so we steered clear of the downtown restaurants. There always seems to be so much to chat about. The conversations have definitely changed over the years!

Saturday the kids and I headed downtown to Tara Feis. Heidi and Harrison both had such a wonderful time! There were so many fun things to do - bands, dancers, bounce house stuff, so much! While I out ran into several friends and their families - including Melissa who told me about it :)

Watching the puppet show

Irish dancers

Harrison really wants that pretzel, but Heidi is not budging.
Don't worry, he got some :)

Watching the dancers

Doing her own dance

Snow cone

Getting a butterfly painted on her face

I have been doing such a great job on the non-sugar way of life. There might have been a little slip-up when I had to either slurp down some of a grape snow cone or wear the purple mess. John was a little, ahem, inconsiderate the other day. My mom made one of my favorite desserts. Now that I think about it, that was a little rude too. Anyway, the dessert was for my parents' small group. Afterwards the leftovers were brought home. Someone decided to eat some of the cake. In front of me. He would not let me get a picture of how much he got, I chased him around with the camera.

I do want to share the recipe with you all though! It is a Lemon-Lime Refrigerator Sheet Cake. DELICIOUS! You must keep it in the fridge and you must eat it COLD.

1 package lime jello {4 serving size}
1 package lemon supreme cake mix

1 envelope whipped topping mix {2 & 1/2 cups}
1 package lemon instant pudding mix {4 serving size}
1 & 1/2 cup cold milk

Dissolve jello in 3/4 cup boiling water, add 1/2 cup cold water; set aside at room temperature. Mix and bake cake in 13x9x2 pan. Cool 20-25 minutes. Poke deep holes through top of warm cake {still in pan} with toothpick; space holes about 1 inch apart. Slowly pour jello into holes. Refrigerate cake while preparing topping.
In chilled deep bowl blend and whip topping mix, instant pudding and cold milk until stiff {3-8 minutes}. Immediately frost cake. Cake must be stored in refrigerator and served chilled. Cake may be frozen.

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