Wednesday, March 19, 2014

God is Good

God is so good.

Tonight I am thankful for Him in so many ways, but one BIG reason is for what happened tonight.

It was church supper night, which is glorious in itself because it means that I do not have to cook. Tonight's dinner was amazing - baked spaghetti. I will never miss this dish. We sat down with our delicious meals and then John went to get our drinks. This is where sweet Jesus showed His love for me. The only drink that was available {we were running late}....

Sweet Tea

Let the Hallelujah choir sing.

It was glorious. Amazing. I might have died. I was in Heaven.

So, this was not a cheat. It was meant to be. I was in church and God sent this tea to me. End.of.story.

This is usually my "stay away from the kitchen" day, but I signed up to take dinner to a friend who had a sweet little baby girl. A couple of weeks ago I tried a new recipe {I am full of them lately} and I thought this would be a delicious one to take! A simple one pan dish!

You can find the recipe here!
{photo credit same as link}

I also used a fun little printable to put on top from here!
It was free, cute, and simple to download!
{photo credit same as link}

And to end with something sweet......

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