Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Goodbye 2013 and HELLO 2014! It is crazy how on January 1st it somehow feels like a clean start - a fresh beginning. 2013 was a great year for us. We made a huge family decision and decided to build a house which is super exciting - now to find that perfect plan! Moving during Christmas is not something I will ever suggest or want to do again. Our biggest and most joyous moment of the year was definitely adding little Harry-bug to our family. I remember after we lost Hudson that I wanted a girl because I did not want to be reminded of my grief even more than at that current time. Finding out we were expecting a third I knew he was a boy immediately and I knew we would be ready and wanted a boy to add to our family.

I like to set goals each year and it is always more helpful to have them written out to keep an accountability. If they are written down it is always nice to review them throughout the year or when needing to remember them. So, here goes!

1 - Continue strengthening my walk with the Lord. This is always on the top of my list because even the highest of scholars/leaders can still learn and strengthen their relationship with God. I took a break from my regular Bible study - one I have been a part of for the last few years - while I have been adjusting to a new family, work, and life schedule. I am looking forward to when I can join in a new study.

2 - Striving for a healthier lifestyle. Recently I gave up meat. Totally not me {John felt my forehead to see if I was sick} and I am looking to increase the fruits and vegetables in my diet. I did not give up meat just because I wanted to, but because every time I took a bit I felt mentally sick. So, no more meat or eggs {well, eggs if they are in something, but not a plain egg} for me for right now. This also means increasing my exercise and getting back in shape. Instead of complaining everyday I need to do something about it.

3 - Declutter my life. This is something I am constantly striving to improve. I have a tendency to hold on to everything and become surrounded by junk and then becoming overwhelmed by the junk. Right now life is completely chaotic - but in time it will be better!

4 - Continue building my friendships. I have some amazing friends in my life. I want to make sure I put in the time and effort in those friendships and not focus on the ones that seem to be a one way street. Lately I have really taken notice of the friends who do not seem interested in being friends. When people ignore calls, texts, or when they visit and never make an attempt to see you or your family. I know we are all busy, but something I have learned is that you make time for the things or people that are important to you.

2013 was a great year and I am looking forward to everything that 2014 has to bring. There is so much to look forward to and so many things that remain unknown of the future. I look forward to more time with my family and the sweet surprises to come. May you all have an amazing end to your year and a wonderful start to the next!

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