Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bike Riding & Playtime

We have moved and I am loving being back to a familiar world. The 20 mile difference is amazing - in so many ways. We are closer to all of our activities and friends which is great! The next few months are going to be a little stressful with starting to build {trying to find the perfect house plan} and living a little out of our comfort, but it is going to be great! The kids, especially Heidi, are adapting well and loving the new living situation. John and I are both ready for the house to be ready. My goal is to be settled in by October, but before Thanksgiving at the latest.

While building we will still maintain all of our normal activities and routine - luckily with half the distance {half the gas bill!!!} and half the time in the car. Less time in the car is always a plus for me! Heidi was given a bike for Christmas and she has been riding it every day that it has not rained. Harrison's nap time is filled with the question, "when will Harrison be awake so I can ride my bike?".

Harrison wanted to join in the bike ride fun as well. He loves being around his sister and Heidi makes him laugh so much - like all the time. We went around a small part of the neighborhood and both kiddos loved it. Heidi felt like such a big girl riding her new big girl bike around and Harrison - well, he fell asleep.

After the bike ride Heidi wanted to play on the swing set for a little bit. This little girl loves to be outside. I love to be outside too, but in the back of my mind I have 100 things I need to be doing - trying to learn to let go a little bit and enjoy the world through my sweet little girl. Heidi does not see the loads of dirty laundry, dirty dishes, dirt - or any of the other things - that need to be done.

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