Thursday, January 2, 2014

First Movie

It is New Years Day. The day is also wet and rainy. Neither John nor I had to work, so we told Heidi a few days ago that we would take her to a movie. Her first movie in a theater! For a week or so Heidi has seen the little snowman {Olif} on Disney singing his song from the movie Frozen and each time she asks to watch the movie. That is why we decided to go! The four of us went and it was such a great movie and we all had fun. At first I was very nervous about Harrison because during the Mickey Mouse preview {he loves Mickey}because he started getting really upset. I'm not really sure why Harrison got so upset. He calmed down after Mickey and up until the last 10 minutes sat and watched the movie. Heidi had a great time! I will definitely not choose the seats behind the bar again because of the climbing issue, but it was still such a great time! I grabbed my camera and then apparently still forgot it at the last minute - so all pictures are on my phone. I hate phone pictures...but oh it is what it is.

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