Sunday, December 29, 2013

Birthday Party

Trying to get a little head start on my New Year's resolution - blog often. So, rather than letting my need for order get the best of me I am going to continue on with the blog as things happen.

Heidi was invited to a birthday party and we were so excited to go! Now that we have moved we are so much closer to everything going on it makes it much more enjoyable to attend events to which we are invited.

The party was a Princess Sofia theme and such a fun time! Originally Heidi wanted to wear a princess costume, but we were regular clothes and brought the costume just in case. Only the precious birthday girl was dressed up in a princess dress, but Heidi did not want to change. There were a few other kids from the class at the party and I am sure it was nice to see the other kids since they have been out of school for a week. I love watching how Heidi interacts with her friends.

I also go to meet up with a few friends this weekend! I love having a chance to catch up with old friends. Facebook is great to know what is going on, but nothing will ever compare to actually getting to sit down and chat with friends. Looking forward to more times like these!

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